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Everything posted by Lizzian

  1. The problem is that Reika makes all his blocks act like cables, thus even if you're directly connected to a machine using an adapter, the machine is still acting as a cable and connecting itself an any other Reika-block that it's touching (recursively) to the computer. If I remember correctly the issue has been reported to Reika before though he discarded it saying "it's not my problem"
  2. You could try with the wake on redstone / network stuff, not sure on the specifics of those though. Check the wiki
  3. Have you created an issue on the Issue Tracker? That is generally the better place for issues&crashes in OC itself
  4. have you put the internet floppy in the computer then ran the install program? that should give you a fairly strightforward menu to install the internet api to the system
  5. you can use the component.proxy() function by passing the UUID of the individual component you want to control, you can then use it like a normal component
  6. Your regulars may use non-premium accounts but please don't make it obvious on the forums please (if people ask in pm, you can tell them that it is there but not on the main topic) Also your images are broken.
  7. Lizzian

    Corrupt a wish

    Granted but it would cost you 100$ per wish I wish I had a TARDIS
  8. Vexatos would be your guy, I'll go poke him
  9. This server's currently not accepting applications, however I'll consider this for it's successor (coming around mid-july) Edit: ^ heh, that was a lie. It'll be coming back though, i promise
  10. Unlocking this topic for people to ask questions about the new server. I'll make a new thread for it when I get aroudn to actually starting it up
  11. It's ported, you'll need to look for the "Internet" floppy disk. There is discussion on the issue tracker about how 'driver' programs should be handled, see https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/1866 for example
  12. If you're not worried about addressing individual squares (or at least, not easily), you could try: local Shapes = {} function CreateSquares( Values ) -- Where values is a table like so: { {x=2,y=2,w=3,h=3}, {x=3,y=4,w=5,h=2} } for i,v in pairs( Values ) do -- iterates over the table, so the first iteration: i would be 1 and v would be {x=2,y=2,w=3,h=3} local sq = glasses.addRect() sq.setPosition( v.x, v.y ) -- these reference the x&y variables in the table sq.setSize( v.w, v.h ) table.insert( Shapes, sq ) end end -- then call it like so. CreateSquares( { {x=2,
  13. You could use a table and then store them in that. So like: local shapes = {} function CreateSquares() shapes.SquareA = glasses.createSquare() ... end Obviously replacing bits with the actual code, I haven't dabbled much with Open Glasses so don't know it's functions.
  14. IIRC, in the world folder there should be an OpenComputers folder. Inside that there should be a folder that reads something like "state", if you go into there and delete the files the state will be reset (note, when you boot the world back up all pcs will be off and not persist, cause you deleted the state )
  15. Lizzian

    A question

    Wrong forum, moving to correct one.
  16. Does this server use any sort of world guard/protection?
  17. Lizzian

    Corrupt a wish

    But as a result you know everyones dirty desires I wish i could turn invisible Note: Derp
  18. @sharpturn & @ tim4242 https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/tree/master-MC1.9 may be of use to you @joserobjr AFAIK Sangar is still mainly on 1.7.10 and just porting the changes over to 1.8/1.9
  19. Negi is correct, made a sticky topic which i'll make proper later
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