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  1. I've got "Ore Dictionary Converter" but this isn't an Ore Dictionary problem so of course that didn't work. I do have Forestry so I will try that thanks! EDIT: Oh baby it worked! Today I learned about the worktable
  2. It looks like another mod I'm using overrides the shapeless gemDiamond -> 6x chipDiamond recipe with something else (gemDiamond -> 9x nuggetDIamond.) The other mod is Enhanced Portals 3. Should I be able to override recipes that use the diamond chip as described in user.recipes? I've tried a couple of different things (changing the recipe for the diamond chip, replacing the chip for the nugget, etc) but nothing seems to work and I'm left with no way to craft the diamond chip.
  3. Are there any best practices for iterating on scripts locally? Right now I edit locally, upload to my site, and wget the scripts down. Additionally, when my scripts error out I can't see the full stacktrace on the screen. UNIX-like output redirection didn't seem to work, is there some way for me to capture errors for review? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the info! EDIT: Looking at the creative tab, I now see that the different colored disks have labels that don't show in JEI. EDIT2: Those aren't the same thing.
  5. I'm using OpenComputers-MC1.9.4-, and even though I have an internet card in my computer the wget program seems to not be available. Has this just not yet been ported, or am I missing something?
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