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  1. Yes, this program is outdated. here is fixed https://pastebin.com/eZkdDK7N
  2. That is mighty easy. computer.pullSignal = nil
  3. local function compass() local sides = {2, 1, 3, 0} -- links of cardinal points, for raw data local D = nil for s = 1, #sides do if robot.detect(3) or robot.place(3) then -- check for block in front side local A = geolyzer.scan(-1, -1, 0, 3, 3, 1) -- scan blocks around the robot robot.swing(3) local B = geolyzer.scan(-1, -1, 0, 3, 3, 1) for n = 2, 8, 2 do if math.ceil(B[n])-math.ceil(A[n])<0 then -- check the difference between two scans D = sides[n/2] -- set the direction break end end else -- turn if there is no block robot.turn(true) end end return D -- return the direction end local min, max = 2.2, 40 -- minimum hardness selected to capture lead ore from IC2 local border = nil local X, Y, Z = 0, 0, 0 local function scan(xx, zz) -- 8x8 block scan local raw, index = geolyzer.scan(xx, zz, -1, 8, 8, 1), 1 for z = zz, zz+7 do for x = xx, xx+7 do if raw[index] >= min and raw[index] <= max then -- add ore coordinates to list -- coords of the geolyzer will be converted to local coords of robot table.insert(WORLD.x, X+x) table.insert(WORLD.y, Y-1) table.insert(WORLD.z, Z+z) elseif raw[index] < -0.31 then -- if a block with a negative hardness is detected, set the flag to end scanning border = Y end index = index + 1 end end end local quads = {{-7, -7}, {-7, 1}, {1, -7}, {1, 1}} while not border do if robot.move(0) then Y = Y - 1 end for q = 1, 4 do scan(table.unpack(quads[q])) end end
  4. Robot can determine the facing using the geolizer. And you can scan 16x16 blocks at a time, as I did.
  5. Program and library for building GPS network. https://github.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS Download: wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/bin/gps.lua /bin/gps.lua wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/OC-GPS/master/usr/lib/gps.lua /lib/gps.lua The functionality is the same as in the ComputerCraft. Additional command "flash" allows to upload firmware to EEPROM. When the coordinates are precisely determined, when flashing the position of the microcontroller can be omitted - at the first start it will determine its position from neighboring satellites and save on EEPROM. GPS network startup example.
  6. Update Added ability to work with solar panels. When the energy level falls below 30 percent, the robot climbs to the surface and charges from the built-in solar panel. There is a check of time of day and weather conditions.
  7. Log


    This bug has already been fixed You need update the mod to the latest version.
  8. There are quite a few games, but their do not post them on this forum. For example: simple RPG Or flappy bird
  9. I fixed it. Download the file again, please. The error was due to the computer.beep(), which is not compatible with the old versions OpenComputers. P. S. Instead of batteries, I advise you to use the experience upgrade or additional generator
  10. Such objects are just tables, they must be processed in the correct sequence. players = component.debug.getPlayers() -- get a players list for i = 1, players.n do print(players[i]) -- display the name of the next player end player = component.debug.getPlayer(players[1]) -- get player proxy by name from list world = player.getWorld() -- get the proxy of the world in which the player is located print(world.getDimensionName()) -- print the name of the world -- Or you can get everything at once players = component.debug.getPlayers() for i = 1, players.n do print(players[i], component.debug.getPlayer(players[i]).getWorld().getDimensionName()) end
  11. There are variables in the code that can be customized chunks - how many chunks need to be processed min and max - the minimum and maximum hardness of mined blocks port - port for interaction with the robot (if a wireless card is installed)
  12. I present you a program for a robot that allows you to mine ore without going down into the caves. Robot, using a geolyzer, can find and mine ore. All features are not yet implemented, so I ask you to test and inform me about a bugs. Requirements: Computer case (tier II or III) Inventory Upgrade (more the better) Inventory Controller Upgrade Hard Disk Drive EEPROM with Lua BIOS Geolyzer RAM (tier I or higher) CPU (any) Hover Upgrade (tier I) Diamond pickaxe or equivalent tool Optional: Crafting Upgrade Wireless Network Card or Linked Card Solar Generator Upgrade Battery Upgrade Experience Upgrade Chunkloader Upgrade Generator Upgrade Enderchest from EnderStorage mod Installing: Download and save the file as init.lua wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/DOOBW/geominer/master/miner.lua init.lua Put this file in to root directory of the hard disc. Add the disk when crafting a robot. Place the robot on a solid blocks platform. Give the robot a pickaxe Place a container and the charger near the robot. Press the power button and enjoy a process.
  13. One could use Refined Rtorage, but there is no working driver, so only vanilla chest. Your idea of this program differs only in an additional window when selling. My nick in IRC - 'Doob'
  14. It very easy. I earlier used the PIM (OpenPeripheral) for greater convenience, but because of the bugs in addon had to abandon it. I can slightly modify the program so that prices can be set by the operator. Or to write another, simpler, but I need to know what mods I can use, here I used a AE2.
  15. in this https://github.com/OpenPrograms/Sangar-Programs/blob/master/geo2holo.lua#L29
  16. you can add on line 29 'component.hologram.setScale(3) '
  17. Is a simple example. To nobody could know the password, you need to add hashing. local event = require('event') local term = require('term') local gpu = require('component').gpu local W, H = gpu.getResolution() local color1, color2 = 0x00FF00, 0xFF0000 local password = '123456789' -- needed hash function, for most security event.shouldInterrupt = function() return false end -- blocking Ctrl+Alt+C event.shouldSoftInterrupt = function() return false end -- blocking Ctrl+C gpu.setForeground(color1) while true do term.clear() term.setCursor(W/2-10, H/2) term.write('PASSWORD: ') local input = term.read(_,_,_,'*'):sub(1, -2) if input == password then term.clear() term.setCursor(1, 1) gpu.setForeground(0xFFFFFF) os.exit() else term.clear() gpu.setForeground(color2) term.setCursor(W/2-6, H/2) term.write('ACCESS DENIED') gpu.setForeground(color1) os.sleep(3) end end
  18. Log

    Can't Turn on Server

    Server setting up does not differ from the setting up of a conventional computer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDqXJzacdQQ&list=PLcZKee5-koAC2-pKrE6NOycvfX-KMm013&index=42
  19. Reactor: getHeat getMaxHeat getEUOutput isActive getInventorySize Inventory controller: getStackInSlot Redstone I/O: setOutput
  20. I make is with pseudographics pastebin get wA3Nz2YC clock.lua
  21. Each scan is made over 0.05 seconds. The maximum number of blocks which can be scanned at one time - 64 The available area for scanning is 65x64x65 65*65*0.05=211.25 sec Hence, the entire available area possible to scan for 3.5 minutes. Increase the speed only can increasing the number of computers and geolyzers.
  22. No, it's not necessarily. Mod itself must find a free slot CasualDoug, pls, show version list of mods.
  23. It's weird, try this script: pastebin get BZKLsgnD /bin/trader.lua
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