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  1. Ok now I'm having a different issue with this. When I try to run this code, it has an error pointing to the line with the for loop in tellRawToPlayers saying "attempt to index number value" never mind, i made a stupid mistake however, calling the following component.debug.getPlayer(players[i]).getWorld().getDimensionID() it says "attempt to call field getDimensionID (a nil value)"
  2. I see, so getPlayers() returns a list of player names, not a list of player objects.
  3. I was reading through the Debug component's functions, and I am not really sure how to do what I am attempting to do. Essentially, I am trying to get the dimension ID of each player returned by component.debug.getPlayers(). I don't really understand how to call the "Player object" functions, or the "World object" functions. The example on the component's page (https://ocdoc.cil.li/component:debug) does not demonstrate how to do this. I tried component.debug.getWorld(players) and component.debug.getPlayers().getWorld() to get the world the player is in (i is a previously defined variable), neit
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