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  1. Just curious, is there any contact with u outside of forums? Like discord server? And about the program, my exact needs are simple, but im just lacking knowledge of what functions i can actually use to make it possible. Im using SkyFactory3 Modpack so there is no AE2. Only Refined Storage. Unfortunately we dont have PIM (OpenPeripherals) so i bet the only solution would be using Robot/OpenComputers (plain-only, no addons). Basically all i need is simple buy program, when i can set the prices in like "50$" format, and i can set which resources could be used as payment and how much they are worth. About some polishing, program should give back "unspent" resources when user decides to. Is it still that easy?
  2. Yeah ure correct, thats not exactly what i was looking for. I would prefer the version with "setting prices". Do you know where i can find this? On this russian site i didnt find any "download" link, is it just showcase? edit// actually if thats not too hard, i would be happy for any snippet that would "take ur resources and calculate their 'points', and availability to buy something else thats listed for specific amount of 'points'". Myself can expand this to my needs, however im not sure how to do this "resource calculation" ;/ edit2// actually got an idea about something a lot easier than that and i guess someone might help with that cuz i believe its easy to do (its just like i dont know how to do it and what function can i use to achieve what i need). - Set Resources that can be used as payment (Iron Ingot - 5$, Diamond - 10$, Emerald - 15$) - Choose what you want to buy and how many (ie. Vibrant Capacitor Bank - 150$). - Drop stuff like Iron ingot, diamond, emerald so it gets to 150$ - Finalize transaction and drop vibrant capacitor bank. Is it easy to do? ;/
  3. I wonder how to even get started into it oO Any help appreciated + maybe u guys know where to look for it ? :>
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