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  1. If you do have a mod for that I would really recommend using some chunk anchor to make sure the chunks are still loaded. I had a lot of issues with opencomputer and enderio cables if a chunk in the middle was not loaded and the cable/computer would send or receive a tick..my whole server would crash.
  2. He actually posted his github link in the "OpenPrograms" section that's how I found it out Here you go; https://github.com/BrisingrAerowing/OC-Programs
  3. I've actually looked around the code on your github and the system does look interesting, keep us posted when you will be done I would love to use it!
  4. The autorun.lua file has to be in the root of your computer, it will run automatically. You could also edit the /etc/profile file to have it run the program if it is not named autorun.lua.
  5. Thanks, I will try reinstalling and see if I do have the file. For now I did something a little more brutal but working and I simply edited the init.lua file and added an "os.execute ("brgc_gui")" command just under the motd startup and it is working fine. Thanks for the help
  6. @Didz I am not sure what you mean as I have not find a file in /etc/profile on the computer..
  7. Hello there :), Just successfully setted up the whole thing and it is working great! Is is possible to have the GUI run on startup so I dont have to start it manually on every computer startup? Thanks!
  8. Yes, that is what I found out, I originally installed the computer without the cardwriter plugged to it so there was no "Cardwriter.lua", the thing is that I actually named the software "cardwriter.lua" so I just renamed my file and everything worked fine after that.
  9. Hi, I recently installed the system and it was working perfectly, the only thing is now, I actually moved my system to another room and for some reason, when I try to use the Cardwriter, the GUI does not show up.. I only have some text saying "OpenSecurity Card Writer" and it is asking me to manually inputting some text like "Card Data", "Card Name" etc.. Anyone has a solution for this? Thanks!
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