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  1. i cant figure out the modem commands at all, can someone help me? i just need to do x when y signal is received. something like if(x) then computer.beep(1000,1) end
  2. is there an easy way to cause a computer to crash/bluescreen/whatever its called, without changing any data on the hard drive? if not, what's the easiest way to crash just in general?
  3. SirGeneral


    how do i make the computer beep with code?
  4. Errors out every time I click the drop-down menu list button to switch to English
  5. description: I need a program for a galacticraft space base alert and management system function: displays oxygen and power levels as a number or if possible as a graph, alerts when said oxygen and power levels are at 15% and triggers a alarm (redstone trigger for a securitycraft alarm and the speaker on the PC) when they hit 5% and if possible set a power and oxygen bank to output mode automatically or with a override button/command deadline: As Soon As Possible additional info: if some things are done with commands, make them around 5 characters like OVER for override
  6. yes also can it say "door opened or door closed?
  7. I want to create a program that runs "redstone <direction> <number>" when you run it and "redstone <direction> 0" when you run it again but I do not know how to program at all
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