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  1. i made a program to send a redstone signal when it receives a message from a wireless card and to ignore messages from cards that dont match the one in my tablet. at the current moment though, it doesn't do anything to log unauthorized addresses, which is what i need help with. i need to be able to place any wireless card address besides mine in a file called blacklist.txt; how do i do that? (also, if it's no bother; how would i make a whitelist to approve all addresses that are stored in a file?)
  2. i cant figure out the modem commands at all, can someone help me? i just need to do x when y signal is received. something like if(x) then computer.beep(1000,1) end
  3. is there an easy way to cause a computer to crash/bluescreen/whatever its called, without changing any data on the hard drive? if not, what's the easiest way to crash just in general?
  4. SirGeneral


    how do i make the computer beep with code?
  5. Errors out every time I click the drop-down menu list button to switch to English
  6. description: I need a program for a galacticraft space base alert and management system function: displays oxygen and power levels as a number or if possible as a graph, alerts when said oxygen and power levels are at 15% and triggers a alarm (redstone trigger for a securitycraft alarm and the speaker on the PC) when they hit 5% and if possible set a power and oxygen bank to output mode automatically or with a override button/command deadline: As Soon As Possible additional info: if some things are done with commands, make them around 5 characters like OVER for override or something like that because I can't type very fast
  7. yes also can it say "door opened or door closed?
  8. I want to create a program that runs "redstone <direction> <number>" when you run it and "redstone <direction> 0" when you run it again but I do not know how to program at all
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