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  1. how do i edit the line?
  2. i dont know how to edit the lines
  3. yes as i have said i dont know how to do this, i dont know how to get to line 29 to put that
  4. okay and what do i do with that?
  5. ishfwilf

    Simple Clock

    step by step to fix timezone?
  6. when i do that it says file not found
  7. okay so what are the necessary steps to set it to max size? from start to finish again i am new at this
  8. Please help, in very basic terms i have no coding experience and have spent hours scouring the internet frustrated. I am trying to increase the size of my hologram in geo2holo. i see many people saying "hologramMaxScale=[3,4]" and it cant get it to work. please help and again i am very new to this
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