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  1. I want to add a laptop into opencomputers, which is basically a tablet you can put down and I want to add some new Components too with their own features. Where do I start?
  2. hello so im searching a shell for openos 1.8.4 that allow me to run more programs at the same time on lv2 pc end whit a build in file menager some thing like old windows when it was only a shell
  3. Hi everyone. I'm new to OpenComputers but i have some programming skills. I would like to ask HOW to use multiple screens with OpenOS. I have two Tier III GPUs installed but still only one screen works. So how can i make two or more screens to work with one or even two GPUs installed?
  4. I need a redstone program that runs for 20 seconds and stays off for 25 seconds. P.s i'm new with programming
  5. I have a program that is supposed to stop the trains of IR, the problem is that the error is displayed to me when a train runs through the adapter that is connected to the augment local component = require("component") local event = require("event") local sides = require("sides") local rs = component.redstone -- The address of the first controller, ahead of the big speed brakes. local slowdown_ctl = component.proxy("c6a0f834-b756-4393-8880-449b53d88d66") -- The address of the redstone IO that activates the big speed brakes. local slowdown_rs = component.proxy("016d9978-9339-43fd-94c3-80
  6. Hi everyone, I'm trying to make a drone delivery service which works using pickup points. The drone departs at the warehouse, then it has to travel 28 THOUSAND BLOCKS to get to the spawn and from there it will either move to the next pickup point and drop off the order there or it will drop it off at the spawn and return to the warehouse. The only problem is that i need a navigation system to send the drone to chosen pickup point, and it will have to charge several times on its way. How would i do this, knowing that even the biggest map possible would not be enough to navigate from the wa
  7. Recently, I had and idea that I could do the big "factory" for any software, that would copy and paste the software )such as openos or data card software) to floppy disks (yeah, that idea is stupid). But I have gone to a problem. I have a REALLY HUGE stack of disk drives, but I do not want to copy every program to every floppy disk manually (I would need to get the dress of floppy, I would need to copy and blah), but what IF the disk drives have their own adress? What if I could just write these programs via the adress of the disk drive? Of course, if you have any other idea, then I will be ve
  8. So, for a few days now (apparently about five days according to GitHub - it seems a lot longer), I've been trying to work on a pretty simple package container solution. The idea being just like a tar container, it is just a group of files and folders, stored in a single file. Currently, I am not working on implementing any sorts of compression, that's much too difficult and I wanna make sure the core system works first. I designed a primitive specification for the package, and created a method in a library to create the package. That I was okay with. Extracting all the information from this pa
  9. Hello. I’m entirely new to Opencomputers and Lua scripts. I’m not familiar with the language nor can I code. I would like ask how to create a automatic door to open with a passcode. I have all the components just don’t know how to make it all work! Thanks in advance ;)
  10. I am trying to program an info board with options for players to choose. Each button opens up text to give info to the player. local event = require("event") local comp = require("component") local term = require("term") local colors = require("colors") local computer = require("computer") local gpu = component.gpu term.clear() term.setCursor (1,1) gpu.setBackground(colors.green) gpu.setForeground(colors.black) gpu.setResolution(width: 2 , height: 2, true) print(" Welcome to Technopolis " ) term.setCursor(1,3) gpu.setBackground(colors.brown) gpu.setForegr
  11. Im new to this mod and to lua. Im trying to start with a simple program that can read redstone signals and detect their levels. I have basic lua knowledge, knowing commands like [do], [if], [if else], [read] and [while]. A bit of boolean [True, false] and create variables. I made a small computer with the redstone card (and the essentials like EEPROM, GPU, CPU and RAM). Its connected with red wires from red power that are connceted to a lever. I have the compat module from redpower installed. My main question is what I need to write in the .lua file to be able to use the redston
  12. I need help with nanomachine "probing". I'm trying to create a very basic program that cycles trough nanomachine slots. I intialize a variable in the beginning then create a for loop and increment the variable with 1 each time it's finishes. However it does not work. I can for example initialize the same variable in the first line, gave it a number and then it will check if that nanomachine slot do anything but as soon as I add the commented out code parts the program does nothing besided priting x. x = 17 local component = require("component") local m = require("component").modem
  13. Description: Hello, I would need a program that always me to control fluxgates from Draconic Evaluation so Me and a Team can build a town based energy system. The system should include a way to edit the output of a flux gate and to see how many fluxgates is setup( there will be probably around 30 fluxgates) it would be good if you can select a fluxgate and then edit how much energy is transferred. Function: Monitor the fluxgates and how much they output can edit the fluxgates set each fluxgate different Deadline: There is no deadline but it would be good
  14. sgtforge2000

    Attack Robot

    Hello, I have such little skill programming it is embarrassing. Anyways, I am looking for a hunting robot... one that can seek players and kill them with sword or flans weaponry, if that is even compatible. If you don't mind helping me could you please make a program. I would like if you could add inputs as to what to target.
  15. Hello, I've never been able to LUA well (actually i can only HTML well .-.) and im currently doing Bee's in my 1.12.2 run through of Direwolf20. There is a flowchart I have found and would like to put into Minecraft so i dont always need to alt tab. I have T3 PC with all T3 upgrades in (2x 3.5 memory) as well as Internet and Wireless card (can change anything out if need be) Description: I want to have a program that I can import images to and be able to zoom in and out if need be. Function: a zoom in an out button (located on either side) and a way to import images (w
  16. Hi! So, I've set up a tier one computer with all components and installed the OS. i have three monitorblocks as one 1 high and 3 wide screen. How would I do to have something like this: -STATIC TEXT- -sideways scrolling text- or if much easier, just the scrolling text. hugs and kisses
  17. I'm trying to get access to a chest below the robot. Here is the test code. local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") print(component.inventory_controller.getInventorySize(sides.bottom)) Here are the components I have eeprom robot gpu filesystem geolyzer inventory_controller computer filesystem chunkloader filesystem internet screen keyboard Every time I run the program with a chest below the robot I get "nil no inventory" I have a plain oak chest under the robot. Any help? Am I missing something? I'm on the version for 1.12.2, possibl
  18. Hi. I can make a mistakes, because I'm from Ukraine. Write a code, with which the visitor of the store will be able to write a review about the store, and only i can read it. Guest book so-called .. My mail, if u have a question: Email removed by moderator
  19. Hello all, I have used ComputerCraft for some time now, and have made a windowed, multitasking operating system supporting infinite programs running side by side. Each one is updated if it is active and paused while inactive. I deceided to port my OS to Open Computers, but realized that OC doesn't have any Window API or term.redirect functions unless I am blind. I have tested a few multitasking functions but have no idea where to start programming windows. Any help would be appreciated.
  20. Is there any way for a program to detect a world reload and turn itself off. I know it is a feature, but for this particular program I would like the computer to be non-persistent. Thanks!
  21. Description: I am trying to get Nanomachines to work in 1.6, but every guide I follow doesn't work, every program I download fails, and I can't find any working documentation anywhere. Function: I'd like a program that works in 1.6, and creates a simple gui so I can easily turn on and off nano-machine outputs. Not only will this let me use nano-machines easily, but I can examine to code and begin to learn how they are actually used. Deadline: As soon as possible would be wonderful, though I imagine I'll need to wait days at least, and I'm fine with
  22. hello, I have been having some issues with creating a functional tree farm using a robot, and i was wondering if anyone was able to lend me a hand and help me try to work this out or create a program for me. i want it to place a sapling then detect when the tree has grown and start to remove the logs once it gets to the top place a sapling since there is no longer one there and wait for the tree to grow again. there is no need for it to remove all the leaves as i have a collection method in place already for this and large trees wont happen as i have blocks above it to prevent huge
  23. So, I've built a few programs here and there for OpenComputers (using the FTB - Beyond modpack) and I got curious about the drones. Started fiddling with them and quickly realized I was over my head. I've watched some tutorials here and there, read some posts from every corner of the internet and can not, for the life of me get the drone to do anything. Are there any tutorials anywhere on the internet that are up to date? Thanks in advance!
  24. This is my first time using OpenComputers and I seem to have a strange issue. I put in the OS floppy to a robot and booted it up. To my surprise, the interface screen was completely unreadable. There are a few pictures attached. Any thoughts on how to fix this? Thanks!
  25. I am trying to make a program that will output a redstone signal to a light grey cable (from project red) so i can get enhanced portals 3 to activate a portal, but i can't get the redstone to work and i prefer using the computer. (uploading screenshots wouldn't work) error: /home/initialization:4: attempt to index field 'redstone' (a nil value): stack traceback: /home/initialization:4: in main chunk [C]: in function 'xpcall' machine:751: in function 'xpcall' /lib/process.lua:78: in function </lib/process.lua:71> stack traceba
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