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  1. I'm not sure if this is working right for me, I got the GUI downloaded and everything was up, I starting clicking the input on buttons, but at first nothing was happening. No particle affects, no damage, no potion affects, nothing. Then around option 6 or 7 I got hearts, and thought maybe I was just unlucky and 1 - 6 didn't do anything. The problem is from that point on, whenever I activated an input I started taking damage. And it wasn't just a few inputs, it was every input including inputs 1 - 6. I made sure that everything was set to off before turning on a new one and they all still damag
  2. Description: I am trying to get Nanomachines to work in 1.6, but every guide I follow doesn't work, every program I download fails, and I can't find any working documentation anywhere. Function: I'd like a program that works in 1.6, and creates a simple gui so I can easily turn on and off nano-machine outputs. Not only will this let me use nano-machines easily, but I can examine to code and begin to learn how they are actually used. Deadline: As soon as possible would be wonderful, though I imagine I'll need to wait days at least, and I'm fine with
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