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Found 3 results

  1. I've made a library and am trying to save it to a floppy disk so I can put it in an ender chest, to ensure that I don't lose the file until I find a suitable place to upload it. But for some reason when I run cp to copy the file from the hard drive to the floppy, nothing happens. I type "cp -r -v /lib/... /mnt/309/lib/..." into the shell, it prints that the file was copied, but when I run "ls /mnt/309" it shows nothing. No directories, no files. Why isn't this working?
  2. Recently, I had and idea that I could do the big "factory" for any software, that would copy and paste the software )such as openos or data card software) to floppy disks (yeah, that idea is stupid). But I have gone to a problem. I have a REALLY HUGE stack of disk drives, but I do not want to copy every program to every floppy disk manually (I would need to get the dress of floppy, I would need to copy and blah), but what IF the disk drives have their own adress? What if I could just write these programs via the adress of the disk drive? Of course, if you have any other idea, then I will be ve
  3. Hello! I have trouble.. I want create file in floppy's folder, but OS says:"Not enough memory". But floppy is free! I have attached screenshot.
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