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  1. project dead, but we could talk about the acquisition of the source code if you're intreseted. Darkest Euphoria#9488
  2. Seems like system specific, try some basic stuff like updating drivers etc that might help, if not then try updating Java, or maybe some antivirus might be interfering. Yes I know it sounds not so probable but sometimes basic checks can save you a Huston SOS
  3. @IlynPayne update the title, it's not staragte controller but stargate there's a typo. Brilliant idea, but if you allow me I'd like to implement it as a base program on my new os (totally not self-advertising). And by implement I mean to use some of your code into a new program that'd be dedicated for stargates and credited under your name just remade by me.
  4. With clever resource usage you could fit a lot into this little jewel, and you could keep modules virtually in memory instead of writing them to files, or make a mode where this could be an option, so when the system would boot up you just set all modules to nil so lua's garbage collection will clear them from memory. This could attract more people as the idea of my bootloader downloading something into my filesystem is not what I personally would like, but if it could download custom modules automatically at every startup that'd be great of an option. Of course it would slow down the startup,
  5. Just make two copies, one bios.lua being the original one with a very clear and user-friendly code, and a second one compressed using this site. That's how I could make a coloured user interface BIOS with of course ability to choose which file on what filesystem will be booted up, ability to flash bios from the bios menu itself and ability to get bios data into a file from the bios itself too, with the options to shutdown and reboot if necessary. Trust me, compressing the file will give you a lot more space for expansion.
  6. There are no tutorials of such, but it's definetly possible (MineOS is an operating system that is compatible with OpenOS and has a powerful user interface). Please read the wiki for more information on the topic. You'll need to search around the GPU api, as it's the api that allows you to draw on the screen, and get used to signals as it's the only way to get user input. Hope I helped
  7. Once you've got a computer properly setup with OpenOS on it (which you can get by crafting a Floppy Disk with OpenOS on it, crafting recipes may vary please check on your own), the first thing you'll get into is a terminal. This is just a basic tutorial on how to do what you're looking for (and there's no need for any compat modules from redpower to read vanilla minecraft redstone signals). Once you boot up your computer you should end up in the openos terminal window. First thing to do is open up a new script. To do so in OpenOS, type "edit" without quotes and then the name of your fi
  8. I was making my own BIOS, a tip I could give you is to use this website: https://mothereff.in/lua-minifier to compress your BIOS as much as possible into a single file
  9. KestrelOS GUI-based, Windows-alike, highly customizable, and safe Operating System for common pourposes What's the major GUI-based OS currently available? The amazing system created by Igor, called MineOS (I'm sure everyone by now knows about it). Igor's system is based on OpenOS, that looks like MacOS and is by itself the most amazing system released yet, with all sorts of programs and even 3D libraries which is mind blowing. So why create yet another GUI-based system? There are several reasons why I decided to take on this journey. First of all, the m
  10. Wrong place to post - please delete this thread (sorry).
  11. Is there anything unique you'd like to implement into your OS? As far as it goes OpenOS is the way to go, unless your OS would feature something unique and different, or maybe you'd have a special pourpose for your OS? Maybe some kind of OS that allows multitasking different services and that can be ran on servers? Please elaborate a bit more when you showcase a product that is in development :)
  12. I did the same thing, but with a sophisticated browser that has it's own GUI, and higher security. I'd love to cooperate with you, since you're into that kind of things!
  13. Yeah i know, a lot of people don't even update their servers there (OC forums seems desertic). I've checked some CC servers but most are i would say CC-oriented, way too high ping, no OC at all or way too much people on it.
  14. I remember an old, but great server Shinexus that was out there long ago... There was always around 1 or 2 players online at least and at the night time there was around 10 players. The community was great, there were i think 2 cities and we could make things in thaumcraft, make stargates controlled by CC and server towers with OC. I was one of the richest on the server and had a decent influence on one of the cities, cause i did something similar to the internet: a central tower with OC server racks filled with servers hosting websites for anybody that wanted to rent one, all connected
  15. Working on it sorry for not updating the thread for so long, school made me forget about informing people of the progress and stuff going on.
  16. Sorry I had some serious HDD problems and all of my data was lost, I have to rewrite entire OS, but in the way i'll upgrade it to make it look actually better. I didn't abandon it like previous one just got that problem and i don't want to annoy people by making abandonned threads on OC. If you guys like this project and want me to finish it just comment some suggestions that would help me make it better!
  17. This in any way won't destroy the HDD, but destroy the data in it, and this might not work since some files might be protected or in use. To correctly destroy all your system data you would need to override the init.lua file and do a low-level clean of your system to properly destroy the HDD. If you just want to clear your HDD, run the computer with OpenOS floppy, then find the mount of your HDD and delete all data in it simply by using rmdir command.
  18. if you want something like this, you'll need to change a computer's init.lua file, or execute an external file. In both cases, you must have access to that computer. I can make you one if you still have interest in this.
  19. As I said in my old project, VetaTechOS, i abandoned it to remake it in a new way. For now it's still not useful to anything, all you can do is grab "forms" around. I'm currently working on the OS itself, with a login system and plently of other things. For the ones that are curious how it looks like right now... I'll work on it but the difference from VetaTechOS will be the fact that i'll never abandon it now. An prototype version shall be released to directly download the OS from a simple pastebin command. This OS will only work on tier2+ computers equipped with at least tier2+ g
  20. seems like we cannot download modpack.zip from komputerkid.net anymore...
  21. AS I said in the previous post and in the first one, There is already a project for the contextual menu, and instead of a "taskbar" there will be a button with a frame showing all processes (scripts) currently running on the GUI. Clicking on a process will "focus" it to the front, and redraw everything. You may not know it, but when dragging/making many things such as labels/frames (especially images), it slows down the drawing process, making a "flash" of all GUIs.
  22. Dear friend... There's already a terminal window, that you can drag/minimize/maximize/close and type in commands (like the cmd.exe in windows7, but a bit changed commands of course). Mainly it will be click-to-run-.lua-files based, every .lua file can be ran or edited.
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