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  1. A big thank you! I have no idea how you did that, but is incredibly cute. Consider me motivated to get moving with the next tutorial. (Now if only I could get it to shoot frickin' laser beams from its head.)
  2. I would like a Special Thingerâ„¢ as well. I have started and kept up a series of tutorials for OpenComputers, adding sorely needed documentation. Been active in finding bugs and suggesting features. I regularly check Reddit's FeedTheBeast subreddit and include information and assistance about OpenComputers where relevent. Do the same on these forums. Also really proud of my CompressCobble program. IGN is StoneNomad, requested color is 205 197 191: seashell 3 according to http://cloford.com/resources/colours/500col.htm
  3. I finally have something worth sharing. Would you set up a repo for GoneNomad?
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