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  1. Too bad your eyelids aren't laser-proof. Also that they stay on for 24 hours each time you use this power. I wish to be able to teleport myself and anything I am carrying to any place I have seen before.
  2. Better yet, take a look at the source code for /bin/install.lua. Modify it with an update parameter and relevent code to prevent the overwriting of config files. When working, put a pull request(?) on github for that file. Good thinking, by the way.
  3. Bravo, my good man! A most excellent book. I like your introduction to Open Computers more than the one I did.
  4. A big thank you! I have no idea how you did that, but is incredibly cute. Consider me motivated to get moving with the next tutorial. (Now if only I could get it to shoot frickin' laser beams from its head.)
  5. While my attempts to program a drone have so far failed, a quick look at http://ocdoc.cil.li/component:leash gives you the commands you can use with the Leash Upgrade. Once a creature is leashed (component.leash.leash(sides.bottom) returns true), get it off the ground by moving up. Move normally, making sure you are high enough that the animal won't run into anything. Once done, unleash the animal over a body of water or it may die (long standing Minecraft bug).
  6. I would like a Special Thingerâ„¢ as well. I have started and kept up a series of tutorials for OpenComputers, adding sorely needed documentation. Been active in finding bugs and suggesting features. I regularly check Reddit's FeedTheBeast subreddit and include information and assistance about OpenComputers where relevent. Do the same on these forums. Also really proud of my CompressCobble program. IGN is StoneNomad, requested color is 205 197 191: seashell 3 according to http://cloford.com/resources/colours/500col.htm
  7. Looks like the schematic should be in the same directory as the 'build' program. As for the dungeon disk, try either putting a floppy drive in one of the upgrade slots or copy the program to the robot's Hard Drive before building it. Ask any questions, I and others will be glad to help. edit: poor grammar
  8. autorun.lua does work in root, had it print "Hi there" and show me the error caused by os.execute and sleep for a few seconds. It also works on other media, commonly to mount it to a certain location on the root filesystem (/home, for instance). I am going on vacation for a while, when I get back I will be trying out the rc system. Thank you!
  9. Wanted a good subject to learn more about OpenComputer programming, this definitely worked. CompressCobble Uses a minimal Robot to continually compress Cobblestone, up to Octouple Compressed Cobblestone. Uses about 83 cobblestone per second, or 7.2 million per day. (If you want more, put four Robots around a Charger, each with its own cobblegen.) Stores over 225 Octouple Compressed Cobblestone internally before quitting. May optionally be put in chest above Robot for extend run time. Cheap in power, up to 3 RF per tick. A couple of Solar Panel Upgrades may be enough. You can us
  10. I have a program at /usr/bin/cc.lua that I want to run after booting is complete. If possible, add an argument as well (i.e. cc v ) I tried cp /usr/bin/cc.lua /autorun.lua and nothing. Then tried adding cc /usr/bin/cc.lua os.execute("cc.lua v") -- really expected this one to work os.execute(cc.lua) os.shell(cc.lua) os.shell("cc.lua v") to a clean autorun.lua and still nothing. Grr. What is the correct way to do this?
  11. Close. I had to adjust event.pull(0,"key_down") to event.pull(0.6,"key_down"). Any smaller of a delay and it does not reliably recognize a key_down event the first time through. Working great, chews through cobblestone. Is using the keyboard API better in some way over string.byte(" ")?
  12. What I would like is something simple: char = next char from keyboard buffer if char == " " then quittingTime() end or a background process that looks for the space bar being pressed and then runs quittingTime(). (Faster response time to user input, yeah!) or understand how you meant for it to be done. What I did do: I tried os.sleep() and event.pull() right before if hasDisplay then updateScreen() end, near the end of my program. os.sleep(0) does not work. os.sleep(0.1) very rarely works. When it does work, it is many seconds after pressing a key or many keys that it ru
  13. I've spent a few hours now trying to figure this one out, I need another pair of eyes, if you please. In learning about how events work, I wrote a simple program: http://pastebin.com/HfBtgxhz With a little play, I got it working so pressing the space bar will exit. Yeah! So I used the same set up in my current program (which will be posted when this last problem is fixed). And nada, testing shows it does not run QuittingTime() when any key is pressed. I don't see a difference in the code. Why does the first program work but the second program does not?
  14. Thanks to sangar, I learned something new! I posted the robot.chestCount() as a suggestion on the bug tracker and he came back with robot.inventorySize(). Testing showed that component.inventory_controller.getInventorySize(sides.back) is an unsupported side and error. I actually expected that to work, but I am glad I do not need yet another Upgrade (Those Tier 3 Robots are expensive). dgelessus, it was printing a reason for the error and a stack traceback. I would call the blue screen a crash. Procedure calls are something I have no experience in yet, but do need to eventually lear
  15. I would like to make sure at least two Inventory Upgrades are available. trying access a slot the robot does not have causes an error /bin/components.lua inventory returns nothing, so component.isAvailable() will not work. I was hoping something like robot.chestCount() existed, but not yet. Any ideas out there?
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