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  1. Nath_SoM

    Cyan BIOS

    yea i have a printer, i'll try installing it again
  2. Nath_SoM

    Cyan BIOS

    Nevermind it broke again. I'm using Opencomputers ver. 1.7.2.
  3. Nath_SoM

    Cyan BIOS

    It seems like this fixed the eeprom? Now it booted into my openos install, and didn't print any errors.
  4. Nath_SoM

    Cyan BIOS

    I ran the install command and didn't add a whitelist, and made the eeprom read/write and now I get this, what went wrong?
  5. hey when can you add some pictures to show off this os?
  6. hey, how can i help translate the OS? my main language is french and i spotted some mistakes like the OS was translated with google translate like "monitor" to "surveiller" (which is monitor, but as in someone seeing your actions like in teamviewer, not the screen.)
  7. Nath_SoM

    The Basics

    Same, did you find any way to?
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