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  1. Hello everyone. Let me explaine my problem. For print i using OPPM programm print3d and for make 3d models MagicaVoxel and converter. When i make big textures like 32x32x32 or highter converter cut this file to small parts 16x16x16. But when i try to print, it's print only the first one in list. And everytime i must cut this file by my self for print each part of one big texture. Example of converted file. Any solutuon for print one by one with one file ? Thx alot and i hope you help me.
  2. Me4eHoCeTc

    3D Print

    Hello, i have a question about printer shapes. How i can increse max limit of shapes that can be used in 3D print? I found awesome programs at this forum like MagicaVoxel or converter for it. But can't print most part of my models. I hope you help me
  3. Hello, i want use robot for build spawn from schematic. I have found one programm https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/commit/09cabc902dd091a67bf499a59a13f1889b213102 after installing and runing it's asks to enter the name of schematic project, but i can't understand where i should put this file. Any one can help? And one more question: i found in dungeon disk with programm "build" how install it ? OpenComputers a bit complicated for me,but i hope you help me guys
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