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Found 4 results

  1. hello. i have password lock on my computer and i want to run it automaticaly. i looked to internet and i find some about autorun.lua file (HERE) and i create the file, edit /autorun.lua and writed this to it : os.execute(/home/door) (i have file named "door") i save it and reboot the OS and for 0.3second there is some red text and after it it goes normaly to /home/ menu i edited the code to os.execute(/home/door.lua) and there is still the same red text and it goes again to /home menu. what i am doing wrong ? edit: i recorded the error and slowed down it in sony vegas and loo
  2. Hi there, I've been messing around with some basic robots and autorun.lua. My aim was to be able to plug a floppy disk into a robot, start the robot up and have the robot copy the program that would be stored on the floppy disk. Once the file was on the internal drive, the robot would run it. The idea was that I'd be able to set the robot's functionality by hotswapping floppy disks. Trouble is, the robot autorun hasn't really been behaving. When I run the program in the shell, it works every time. However, when the robot starts up it works... sometimes.
  3. I'm putting together an autorun for a program that lives on a floppy. It started like this: local fs = require "filesystem" local os = require "os" local proxy = ... fs.mount(proxy, "/mst") os.execute("/mst/portal.lua")Unfortunately, this doesn't work; the first few lines from the program show up, and then the OpenOS banner suddenly tramples over it to present me the shell prompt, because that's obviously what I wanted to have happen when I ran os.execute.This thread seems to describe exactly my problem, and I attempted the suggested solution like so: local fs = require "filesystem" loc
  4. I have a program at /usr/bin/cc.lua that I want to run after booting is complete. If possible, add an argument as well (i.e. cc v ) I tried cp /usr/bin/cc.lua /autorun.lua and nothing. Then tried adding cc /usr/bin/cc.lua os.execute("cc.lua v") -- really expected this one to work os.execute(cc.lua) os.shell(cc.lua) os.shell("cc.lua v") to a clean autorun.lua and still nothing. Grr. What is the correct way to do this?
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