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Everything posted by MoonlightOwl

  1. Really handy and neat looking tool. Took it for one of my projects (with the license included, of course).
  2. Hello Doggle. The projector need to be connected to the computer (where the editor is running) with a cable. The cable can be connected to the computer from any side, and to the projector only from the bottom side. You can check a list of components available for the computer by entering an OpenOS command: components If the resulting output will contain any string with a word `hologram` in it - there you are. Unfortunately, this editor models are not compatible with the 3D printer. To create 3D models for the printer with some comfort you can use some external voxel tools like this, and then convert a *.vox file to the printer compatible format, for example with this JS converter.
  3. Yeah, quite reasonable feature, i think. I will add it to the next version sometime soon. =)
  4. I tracked down these bugs and fixed them. Also refactored source codes a bit (particularly textbox widget) Try the new version, please: Hologram Editor 0.7.1-en Hologram Viewer 0.7.1-en
  5. Wow. That's a nice bunch of bugs I'll look at the code and try to fix them this evening. Thank you for the screens!
  6. 0.7 version includes a few improvements, but yeah, it pretty much does the same. =) How do you specify the path to you model? `show` util is purely console, and basically it can be used like this: show yourfile You can try to use full path (/home/yourmodel) or relative (./yourmodel). Also it is worth mentioning, that in last version (0.7.0) saved hologram files have a new (effectively compressed) format `*.3dx`. Pay attention to file extension, when spelling file name. UPD. I have updated the first post, and added new editor version (0.7.0) with English localization (translation is pretty raw, if you see any errors, feel free to write me about them =)). Hologram Editor 0.7.0 (English) Hologram Viewer 0.7.0 (English)
  7. You need to run `holo` program, then draw something on the grid, then input new file name in textbox, then click the `Save` button. New file will be created in the same directory, where `holo` program lies. Yeah, console interface (commands like `holo myholofile.3d`) would be nice for work, but is not yet available. =) P.S. Also, `holo` is Hologram Editor here, not Hologram Viewer.
  8. Hm.. Checked both on 1.5.12 and 1.5.9 (MC 1.7.10). I can not reproduce the error. All functions works fine.
  9. 1) Install 0.7.1: http://pastebin.com/LPb4FEv4 0.7.0: http://pastebin.com/2kG4V3tB 0.6.0: http://pastebin.com/bR33cXDU You can use internet card, and command: pastebin get LPb4FEv4 holo 2) What do you need a) Diamond Screen and Graphics card (for good resolution). Beginning from version 0.7.0 you can use a golden GPU card. Diamond processor (just faster; before OC 1.4 it's not important) c) 2 Golden memory planks. d) Internet card (to get program from pastebin) e) Hologram projector (to preview your creation) f) other parts, any levels 3) What can it do? This is a simple tool for hologram edition, viewing, saving and distribution (as `*.3d` or `*.3dx` files). You create hologram in layers. (48x32x48 voxels). You can switch between "Top", "Front" and "Side" projections. The editor can show additional layer as "ghost", for comparison between layers. By default this is layer "below" or "above" current. Also the editor allow you to use some hotkeys: '~' '1' '2' '3' for eraser tool or brushes, 'Del' to clear layer. 3DX format is quite lightweight (around 1.4 kB for a complex model). Old 3D format is around 19kB per model, but is easier to parse. 4) What does this look like? 5) I just want to show my model, do I need a full editor tool for this? To "deploy" hologram (any computer, any components), you cant use small `show` tool: 0.7.1: http://pastebin.com/1iW9fX7i 0.7.0: http://pastebin.com/vvxKKGff 0.6.0: http://pastebin.com/ggwXr81P pastebin get 1iW9fX7i show Usage: show filename[.3d/.3dx] [scale] 6) What do you think?
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