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  1. Forgive my lack of competence with lua and programming in general. I am trying to display information about my power systems ** in the centre of a 5x1 screen and I am struggling to achieve this without simply setting the text at a position on the screen, and I would much rather have the centre of the text string centered on 'width/2' and 'height/2' as the power level updates every 0.1 second and the string is different lengths in each update. ** while true do energy = bank.getEnergyStored(4) capacity = bank.getMaxEnergyStored(4) percentcalc = (energy / capacity) * 100 di
  2. I'm sorry if this forum is dead but this program is amazing, I was simply wondering if it is possible / how is it possible to change the update rate without ruining the function and stability of the program.
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