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  1. computer.users(): string, ...A list of all users registered on this computer, as a tuple. To iterate the result as a list, use table.pack on it, first. Please see the user rights documentation. computer.addUser(name: string): boolean or nil, stringRegisters a new user with this computer. Returns true if the user was successfully added. Returns nil and an error message otherwise. The user must be currently in the game. The user will gain full access rights on the computer. computer.removeUser(name: string): booleanUnregisters a user from this computer. Returns true if the user was removed
  2. PixelToast

    #OC Bot Commands

    ^v help: .r .releases .release : links downloads for releases .w .h .help .wiki : lists help for functions/wiki pages .j .build .beta : links downloads for jenkins .require .req : generates code to require a component or api .tell : tells a person something the next time they talk .openprg : compiles and pushes openprograms site .luaj .lj : executes lua 5.2 code .l53 .lua53 : executes lua 5.3 code .l .lua : executes lua 5.2 code .bc .calc : calculates large numbers .f .forums : links to the forums .borkluaj .blj : executes lua 5.2 code .github .git : links to the oc github .commits : OC commi
  3. no, thats the socket protocol
  4. https://github.com/P-T-/TCPNet This API allows for infinite cross range, cross server communication with the internet card. It uses a external Lua server which requires luasocket (should work on both 5.1 and 5.2) on ubuntu/debian you can use apt get install luarocks and then luarocks install luasocket on windows: https://code.google.com/p/luaforwindows/downloads/list others you will have to find/compile binaries once you have a server set up and forwarded you can access it in OC with your computer's external IP (or localhost if you changed the tcp blacklist) API local handle=tcpnet.n
  5. This is completely possible but nobody has done it yet you would have to make a fake filesystem component then use modems to send file changes when close/flush is called this was done in CC but that required heavy filesystem hooking, the lua side filesystem api makes it easier in OC
  6. was april fools, work3 hasnt come out yet
  7. work3 was just released and guess what they added? thats right i am loving the new syntax, it takes so much less time converting code from other languages
  8. Here is how the integer system works: numbers are ints if they dont have a decimal point, otherwise they are floats this isnt compatability breaking though, the math operators automatically convert them there is also the new // operator which does division on ints, basically math.floor(a/b) the reason for this is that we can now divide huge numbers, ones that are too big for floats also, all numbers are 64 bit, even when compiled 32 bit here are all the new bitwise operators: band: a & b bor: a | b bxor: a ~ b bnot ~ a -- not sure how this one works blshift: a << b
  9. i agree D: ill bug the dustbin thar, it now be so
  10. Lua 5.3 is still in the "what the hell do we add" stage but you can find the source here: http://www.lua.org/work/ or windows binaries made with MinGW: https://dl.dropboxus.../lua53work2.zip It is almost identical to 5.2 but has some major things we have all wanted like integers, bitwise operators, and utf8 support the list is small but here are the changes from 5.2: http://www.lua.org/work/doc/#changes Main changes: support for integers (64-bit by default) better support for small architectures ("Small Lua" with 32-bit numbers) bitwise operators basic utf-8 library utf-8 escapes in literal
  11. happened to me too, you have to cd C:\ first for some reason
  12. PixelToast


    from what i can tell it will be hard, lots of math to figure out what position a block is at
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