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  1. I'm a tad confused, I have RedLogic but I can't find these segmented displays? EDIT: Oh, is this Project:Red?
  2. I might be missing something, but I can't see where you've assigned values to variables s, m, d, j, c, b, g, h, x etc. I think you mean to put a " " (possibly ' ', not sure if it matters in lua) around these characters. At the moment it looks like you are trying to compare the key pressed with variables that haven't been declared or assigned values.
  3. Hey Gangsir, I don't have access to MC atm. Any chance you could include a picture, or perhaps link to a video?
  4. Details? Got something to power it? I think there are some options in the config to use no power if that's your thing, don't quote me on that though. My typical test set-up is the APU, RAM, HDD, openOS floppy, lua EEPROM, internet card, which all goes in the T3 Case (don't forget to use "install' once it boots). Then you need a screen with a keyboard attached. Finally (if you haven't turned power requirement off in config) you need a power converter block attached to some sort of power source (various creative batteries from other mods). Again, don't quote me on this, but I thi
  5. Turns out I need some practice reading. For some reason I thought "When exporting, the PNG data is not compressed so it will generate files bigger than it loads. These are still PNG-compliant though." meant I should not use compressed PNGs Works really well, thanks a lot!
  6. Hey all, I ended up getting a PNG of 160x50 pixels and cutting it into 3 segments, 64x50, 64x50, 32x50, then stitching those together. That seems to have worked for now. If anyone happens to know why I can't just use a single 160x50 png I'd love to know, particularly if I'm doing it wrong. The main error I'm getting is a context error of 8, though I was also getting noeof related errors and others too. Specifically the error is as below... While attempting to load '/zel4.png' as PNG, libPNGImage erred: /lib/deflatelua.lua:115: unexpected end of file with context 8 Cheers!
  7. What is the max resolution of a PNG image in pixels for this library? Sorry if this is a stupid question, I assume it's 160x50, same as the T3 GPU's max res? I'm asking as I've been playing around with it, but I'm having some trouble getting anything over 64 pixels wide to display. EDIT: I'm testing images with pngview.lua
  8. Hey all, Thought you might be interested to know I got a test program working. Turned out sleeping on it was the solution, had something working within 30 minutes of waking up. If anyone is interested in taking a look and helping out, please see below. Basic Setup: I don't actually use the adapter with an inventory controller just yet, but it will hopefully be moved to connect to the ME Controller, the adapter with a database, and the ender chest. The idea being the inventory controller will update the database with items stored in the ME system, if possible. The inventory
  9. UPDATE: I finally got a test program working. See post below if interested. Going to leave this here as I make changes/improve the functionality, any pointers or suggestions are still more then welcome! Description: My friend and I are trying to get our OC computer to move items from an Applied Energistics 2 ME system into a chest (by any means) Function: I would like functionality that allows me to transfer items from my ME system into a chest, either through the export bus, or directly through a controller (if possible), or even using a robot, literally any means is great
  10. Hey NightWolf, I'll take an example if it's still on offer. Sounds like something to learn from.
  11. Hey Solra, How's progress on this going? I admit it's mostly over my head but sounds like an amazing mod and great learning tool.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion MoonlightOwl! We gave it a go but no luck sadly.
  13. Hey all, I realise this isn't specifically a OpenComputers question. But does anyone have any experience with allowing robots to place inside of a Towny town? I've added the [OpenComputers] fake player to the Towny config, but still not having a win. I've noticed that turtles from ComputerCraft are able to place/destroy blocks. Cheers, Dara
  14. Thanks for the replies to my threads dgelessus! That colour chart in the link was very useful, it helped lead to this program - http://pastebin.com/GPg4XVY5 At the moment it uses to GPU to cycle through all available colours as shown in that chart, and prints each colour row by row on the screen (along with it's hex value and brightness value). "colour normal" just prints the colours as shown on the chart, along with the hex and brightness values. "colour lum" first prints the colours as in "colour normal" in order to fill a table with values for later sorting, then it attempts to
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