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      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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  1. Break not exiting while loop

    '\n' is one character so it may be sub(-1)
  2. holographic extended api

    nice! would be cool if it also supports 2x2 Projector setups to get 12 colors @ 32x32x32 Resolution
  3. [MC 1.7.10][OC 1.4.0] OpenGlasses

    thats something that could be done in lua, having a server for the glasses and tablet with geolyzer to scan environment which then sends blockinformations to the computer with the terminal
  4. [MC 1.7.10][OC 1.4.0] OpenGlasses

    actually the binding of glasses and rendering is done at the glassesterminal block. so either the renderinglocation has to be configurable for the player or bound otherwise. or the 3D World Widgets would float around the player when using him as orientation point.
  5. Term API and Windows

    did you take a look on MineOS yet? https://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/711-mineos-beautiful-gui-to-standard-shell/
  6. How to display text on screens

    the console/screen you are working on
  7. How to display text on screens

    for lua scripts this writes to stdout: print("hello world!")
  8. [MC 1.7.10][OC 1.4.0] OpenGlasses

    gonna keep status of my updates in the post above^^
  9. [MC 1.7.10][OC 1.4.0] OpenGlasses

    i've forked the 1.10.2 branch and added some features, and will probably add some more soon. pikachu if you are still interested in helping you're welcome. baubles support glasses use ForgeEnergy (charging is now done in OC Charger or any FE compatible device, like EIO Wireless Charger/Capbanks) private widgets with setOwner("playername"), getOwner(), getOwnerUUID() Item Render for 2D Overlay + 3D World (addItemIcon, setItem) rectangle boxes with gradients for 2D Overlay new render pipeline which adds modifiers to change apperiance of widgets addColor addScale addRotation addTranslation conditions to toggle the modifiers (some need a upgrade to be added on Anvil to get useable) overlay active / inactive weather rain/clear swimming / not swimming sneaking / not sneaking lightlevel min / max (0-15) https://github.com/ben-mkiv/OCGlasses/releases Check my Wiki for new API Functions https://github.com/ben-mkiv/OCGlasses/wiki Todo: Redo Vertex Custom Shape Widget (probably Triangle-Strips) add some Battery Updates Redo Resolution for 2D Overlay, currently its a fixed internal resolution of 512x288 (not sure yet if i want to use the client resolution or a fixed internal width with variable height) And may add some Aligment options for Widgets
  10. Blender 3DM (print3d) Exporter

    it's plain text you can copy and paste it to your computer. and then use "print3d filename.3dm" to print the file
  11. print3d models

    Hi, thats probably because i've used the Textures from Chisel mod, so replace "chisel:leaves/fancy_opaque" with "minecraft:blocks/leaves_jungle" and it should work, same for the log probably. You can use the opencomputers texturepicker ingame to get the texture names
  12. Hologram Editor

    added some button to load data from projector, so you can edit stuff like geo2holo projections https://pastebin.com/e5bQFMS0
  13. print3d models

    Hi, want to share some 3D Print models i've made. They are using textures of Chisel2 Mod, so replace the texture names if you don't have that mod in your minecraft. Thanks to F0x06 for the Blender Exporter just download the pastebin as .3dm file and use them with print3d Flowerpot (with small branch) http://pastebin.com/tFh2bfUu Bonsaitree http://pastebin.com/2kNjNQJB Flowerpot http://pastebin.com/jnaN1nqM Tree 1 http://pastebin.com/xCJrvswA Tree 2 http://pastebin.com/5grCaVFp Vase http://pastebin.com/TvHxf2AM probably more coming soon