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  1. Do you have gui.lua downloaded? You also need to name it exactly like this: gui.lua Otherwise it won't work.
  2. Yeah, I was already thinking about those two things. But thanks for helping me.
  3. That worked, thanks. Question, is it possible to activate alarms wireless?
  4. This looks interesting, is there a way to have multiple nodes of the server? So when one fails you always have a backup one or multiple ones.
  5. In the table it also gives one alarm that is atached. This is just weird. Why isn't this working?
  6. Nevermind, you need to attach it directly. But it doesn't make sound now. I have a redstone card and a lever attached to it. It should work
  7. I'm trying to get an alarm system to work, but when I try this code I'm getting an error that os_alarm does not exist in /boot/04_component.lua local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") rs = component.redstone alarm = component.os_alarm yes = true while yes do if rs.getInput(sides.south)>0 then alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.activate() else alarm.setAlarm("klaxon2") alarm.setRange(1-60) alarm.deactivate() end end
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