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  1. Is it possible to use this program with Extreme Reactors? I mean, I can run it, and it sets up things, but for some reason, it runs turbines on 800 rpm and this I'll get only about 1-2 KRF per turbine, while they could produce much more.
  2. Can you technically even necro when it's your post and especially if it's project update?
  3. Where we can get that this GUI? GitHub? OPPM?
  4. You need to have at least empty index.onml in same folder as server. tpzker, any chance of reuploading client file? It was deleted from pastebin.
  5. Well, I'd like to check the code, but my abysmal knowledge of lua aside, I'll get attempt to index field 'stdin' (a nil value): every time I try edit Installer.
  6. Well, there's screenshot of error. You can also see, that two lines after <machine:4> are always different.
  7. Well, I tried the installer. Got instant "Too long without yielding" error when Installer started to load InstallData into memory. I have T3 Rack with Max tier components, including 4 3.5 RAM sticks.
  8. FIrst one, I'm not sure why to use APU in combo with Graphics card considering APU is CPU+Graphics, and APU itself is made from components of lower tier than APU you'll get from them. About those mem cards, yeah, I had exactly the same problem as you. MineOS is such memory hog on itself that most of apps can't be safely run on it. My advice stays. Use T3 server full of 3.5 mem sticks, that should keep memory load under 75% no matter program you're running.
  9. Well, you need to specify what exactly is happening, because "does not run correctly" won't help much. First advice I can give though, is to forgo case and go directly for T3 server rack full of 3.5 RAM. And even with that, you can expect problems with things like geolyzer program.
  10. Can't install StattenOS on my PC. Every time I try to run Installer, I get "Unrecoverable error edit:24: attempt to index a nil value (field 'stderr') Files are in root, CPU is set to Lua 5.3.
  11. Well: As computer, I use T3 with maxed-out components, Lua 5.3, T3 monitor and raid. As for installation, I just copied all files into 10min pastebin because I can pastebin but don't know how to github to OC computer, pastebined them to /home and tried to run autorun.lua
  12. When I try to run autorun.lua, it throws error "attempt to call a nil value (global 'getYesNo')
  13. No problem. Also, if you use Mekanism fusion rector, I recommend StattenOS, it have sub-program for it. (Yeah, shameless promotion of my favourite OC OS).
  14. Well, this program is made for BigReactors/Extreme Reactors and they have opencomputers ports to connect you just have to add to multiblock. But considering you are mentioning kinetic generator, you are probably trying to use it with another mod. This program is BR/ER only.
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