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  1. Hey. So, I'm not entirely sure what the problem you're seeing is (I can't replicate it here), but I have since set up a somewhat easier way to get ahold of the program. If you set up OPPM, and run 'oppm install gist', then run the command `gist ed3e276ad33184a97d45ae908926ba5c ksi.lua`, you'll download a utility program of mine. Run the program, and it will guide you through setting up an autorun disk that can be used to install various programs (okay, only two at the moment..) onto your computers, even without an internet card.
  2. DistFS I needed a larger storage capability in one computer to store long-term data captured on a multiplayer server. Since I didn't want to just cheat and make it "outside" of the world, I decided that what I needed was an infinitely-expandable (although admittedly not scalable) storage medium. RAIDs seemed like a perfect approach, but I didn't want to deal with trying to manage a ton of files. My solution was to build a spanned file system that could manage my files for me across multiple RAIDs, synchronize folder structures, and induct new arrays into the spanned volume automaticall
  3. I also cannot get this entirely to work; while the system boots properly and I can create folders / list their contents, the moment I try to work with any files, it falls over. doing something like `cd /srv` and `edit testfile` will seem to work, but the moment I try to save in edit, it throws an error: bad argument #1 (string expected, got nil): stack traceback: [C]: in function 'error' machine:631: in function <machine:628> (...tail calls...) /bin/edit.lua:117: in upvalue 'setSsatus' /bin/edit.lua:527: in local 'handler' /bin/edit.lua:583: in local 'onKeyDown' ...
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