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  1. oc version please also, looks like you've set your hostname on that robot - which only tells me this isn't a minimal repro please provide minimal repro steps (also, if you have a bug, github is the place to report it)
  2. like molinko said, we dont have parallel execution, but we do have concurrency. https://ocdoc.cil.li/api:thread
  3. But 1.7.2 is not latest :/ Please update to either our official release builds on curseforge, or even better, our dev builds https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencomputers/files http://ci.cil.li/
  4. @purpleFinatic can i join your world? I'd like to troubleshoot this you can share mod info and server info privately to me via this forum, or email me on hotmail, email username is just `payonel` also, come chat with us on discord ( https://discord.gg/bYqKv7h ) or irc ( #oc on esper.net )
  5. test things like `term.read()` in the lua shell, it'll help you see what is returned from it io.read() does not return a newline (nor does io.stdin:readLine(true)) term.read() includes the newline in the return string (same as io.stdin:readLine(false) local pw = (term.read({pwchar='*'}) or ""):gsub("\n$", "") my use of {pwchar='*'} gets the same job done as your term.read(nil, false, nil, '*'), i just dont like the long param form of calling term.read now, why is it this way? because it has been this way for years.
  6. Hello - sorry I don't have 1.7.5 out yet. That should be soon. In the meantime, rather than downgrading OC, I would recommend you just patch openos manually on each machine (tedious, sorry) (with an internet card, do this from your OC machine on the command line) wget -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/master-MC1.12/src/main/resources/assets/opencomputers/loot/openos/lib/event.lua -O /lib/event.lua reboot
  7. what OC version? what host operating system is running the server? or client if single player
  8. strange. i just followed the tutorial and every part of it worked. what version of oc are you using (use the full version name) can you try to provide more details about what you are doing and what is happening? screenshots are welcome
  9. payonel

    How to move text?

    you first move the cursor to the location you want, then you print local term = require("term") term.setCursor(x, y) term.write("foobar")
  10. for a polite server load, we let the minecraft server runtime decide when to pick back up our threads, and thus we cannot give lower precision that we currently have.
  11. you need to return your library object from your library file, i.e. add "return move" at the end of "move.lua"
  12. it is better to think of these string functions as raw byte array methods, and our unicode methods as utf8 sequence methods string.len is not a count of glyphs rendered on the screen, rather it is the number of chars in the string. a utf8 sequence may be one or more chars for a single glyph string.sub selects a sequence of chars in a byte stream from [1, string.len] unicode.len can be used for all utf8 strings to measure the number of logical utf8 sequences/glyphs unicode.wlen measures the physical rendered width of a rendered utf8 string unicode.sub deals with positions of sequence sets or glyphs. these indexes are in the range of [1, unicode.len]
  13. font is rendered on each client -- the same for all gpus on all screens this would be a per gpu call, and we'd have to update our glyph table for all clients - which we have built in such a way for fast rendering, we'd lose some of that to do dynamic lookups
  14. Can you please provide a repro, with steps, as I demonstrated?
  15. repro is short for reproduce A good bug report provides a minimal set of steps required to reproduce the bug. A minimal set of steps also means a minimal set of dependencies. If your bug does not need survival, don't use survival, make a creative world. If your repro doesn't need multiplayer, don't use multiplayer. If your repro doesn't need other mods installed, repro with only OC installed. If your bug doesn't need default world, use a flat world. Here is an example repro of a made up bug:
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