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  1. we don't have any bold, italic, underlined formatting in OC - sorry
  2. lua doesn't have preemptive threads, you have to have all threads (including the main thread) play cooperatively, everyone has to yield and place nice. plus, your code has some mistakes 1. heatget() calls heatget, it does not return a function pointer. thread.create(ptr) takes a function ptr. I think you meant thread.create(heatget) 2. heatget() never yields, you need something like os.sleep(0) in it. 3. having one thread print and a different thread read user input will cause the cursor to print over itself, and it'll look messy. you want your printing thread to be sleeping whi
  3. the community has made two OCEmu: https://github.com/gamax92/OCEmu lua 5.2, luarocks, cross platform (windows/mac/linux) with sdl libraries OCVM: https://github.com/payonel/ocvm lua 5.2 or 5.3, linux only, command line interface only
  4. go ahead and read about vt100 codes. openos supports the 8 color scheme (8 for background, 8 for foreground), i.e. codes 30 through 37. 37 is gray (and 47 for background)
  5. the bug fix is in `event.lua` of openos, I'll have an update for 1.7.5 soon
  6. you can also use vt100 codes for color io.write("\27[31m", "hello ", "\27[33m", "world", "\27[m")
  7. OC 1.5 is ancient. definitely not supported anymore `computer halted` happens when the system returns from the lua state. more info is needed. it can happen when there is bad code on the drive
  8. 1.7.2 had some serious bugs - not sure why you're not using latest builds.use our latest release build on curse ,or even better, try our latest dev builds https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/opencomputers/files https://ci.cil.li/
  9. nope, 1.8 and 1.9 are no longer supported
  10. if you dont understand the compile error message (specifically, a lua load error message), then remove code until you pinpoint where the problem. anyways, `term.clear print("asdf")` is not valid lua, try `term.clear() print("asdf")`
  11. As an alternative option to `flash`, you can also (in openos) run `edit /dev/eeprom` to edit the eeprom itself.
  12. also a navigation upgrade in the robot can give you relative coordinates
  13. @TheGamingOtaku it is a bug in openos that is fixed in our dev builds ( https://ci.cil.li/ ), will be in our next release (1.7.5) on curseforge, and you can you patch it manually per machine if you can't/don't want to update your mod version to our dev builds. Review this comment I left discussing this:
  14. you have an internet card?
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