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  1. Hi, i tried to program a simply UI Design with Heat informations of a Fluid Reactor and a simple Toggle on/off function. but i had some problems with the refresh of the Heat display when i want the userinput. I Tried already with a thread and a new function the get the heat. but the mainprogram will still hold while it awaits the input. and when it will easier to program i normally dont want an "Input" field normaly i dont want to display the userinput and simply toggle a redstone state from 15 to 0 and backwards by simply pressing the button (number on keyboard) but i dont know to do that if anyone of you had an idea to fix that or improve that i am glad to hear from it! my code i wrote on my own attempt.. connections to the Reactor made via an Adapter and a Redstone Port -- Include local term = require("term") local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local event = require("event") local thread = require("thread") -- Variable local r1 = 0 local build = "0910190124" local vers = "0.0.2" local rsget = component.redstone.getOutput(sides.west) -- Boot-UP term.clear() print("Reactor Control") print("Build: "..build.." Version:"..vers) print("made by Blade") -- function Reactor status local function status1() if rsget == 15 then local r1 = 1 return "Online!" else local r1 = 0 return "Offline!" end end -- Script print("Reaktor Status beim boot:") term.setCursor(27,4) print(status1()) os.sleep(5) -- UI Design term.setCursor(1,1) term.clear() print("|================================================|") print("| |") print("| Status der Reaktoren: |") print("| Reactor-1: |") print("| Reactor-2: |") print("| Reactor-3: |") print("| Reactor-4: |") print("| Reactor-5: |") print("| Reactor-6: |") print("| |") print("|------------------------------------------------|") print("| [1-6] Toggle Reactor | [9] Exit Program |") print("|------------------------------------------------|") print("| Input: |") print("|================================================|") term.setCursor(14,4) print(status1()) os.sleep(5) local function heatget() while true do heat = component.reactor_redstone_port.getHeat() maxheat = component.reactor_redstone_port.getMaxHeat() term.setCursor(25,4) print("Heat: "..heat.." / "..maxheat) end end -- user input inclusive heat refresh thread.create(heatget()) while true do event.pull() local userInput = io.read() end thanks for the pataince and help ~ Blade8895 ps. i know my english is garbage but i try my best ;P
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