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  1. So I found this Program(Below) But the user hasnt been online in a while. Iv tried flashing to an eeprom and booting with just the eeprom, just running the program, and i keep getting an error (attached) The Program : local user = { "user1", "user2", "user3" } local red = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local scr = {} local gpu = {} for a in component.list("screen") do table.insert(scr, a) end for a in component.list("gpu") do table.insert(gpu, component.proxy(a)) end for i = 1, #gpu do gpu[i].bind(scr[i]) end function showState(s) for i, g in ipairs(gpu) do g.setResolution(40, 20) g.fill(1, 1, 40, 20, " ") if s then g.setForeground(0x00FF00) g.set(16, 10, "Access denied") else g.setForeground(0xFF0000) g.set(16, 10, "Access granted") end end end function sleep(x) local tgt = computer.uptime() + x while computer.uptime() < tgt do computer.pullSignal(tgt - computer.uptime()) end end while true do showState(false) local type, _, x, y, btn, nick = computer.pullSignal(5) if type == "touch" then nick = nick:lower() for i, v in ipairs(user) do if v == nick then showState(true) red.setOutput(1, 255) sleep(2) red.setOutput(1, 0) end end end end Instructions included : Modify user list on top of code, flash it to EEPROM, connect some screens, install same amount of GPUs and one redstone block. Program will trigger pulse on top side of it.
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