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    • There are some issues with it I think that I might try and figure out
    • Hello, its me again... yes, I'm back... yes, I sure love filling up the feed... I really wanted pathfinding for my program, so I found a simple LUA pathfinding script online and modified it to fit OpenComputers. This is where I found the script https://github.com/wesleywerner/lua-star This is the modified script: https://pastebin.com/5KsV3KuF What's the difference and why is this good for robots: The A* Algorythm works in 3D space! Diagonals are disabled due to robots not moving in 3d space. The algorythm takes in the Robot's facing into account (which you have to provide). It's using the sidesAPI format in integers. Different movement weights based on facing direction. (straight ahead is a weight of 1 while turning around and moving is 2.9. turning right/left and moving is 2. Up and down is 1.1 Example code using it:  local luastar = require("lua-star") function positionIsOpenFunc(x, y, z) if x == 3 and y <= 4 and z == 4 then return false else return true end end local path = luastar:find(15, 15, 15, {x=3,y=3,z=0,f=3}, {x=3,y=6,z=10}, positionIsOpenFunc, false, true) for key,value in pairs(path) do print("--------") for key2,value2 in pairs(value) do print(key2 .. " : " .. value2) end end --Facing 2=north, 3 = south, 4 = west, 5 = east you can change the first false to true if wanted. It is set to false to not use cache, but tbh, cache isn't incredibly necessary i don't think. First 3 15's are the range that it will perform the algorythm, which means max X is -15,15, and same with other 2. first table is start and second is end. 
    • Hello, it's me again, Cade. Y'know, the guy who's pretty much filled up the activity history list on the home page... yeah I'm back.   I'm working on a Warehouse system for Open Computers. This is what I'm planning on having:   Robots which do the work of grabbing items, sorting them, and packaging them in shulker boxes (if requested) A* Pathfinding with preferences (a robot is more likely to go above a block than go around it due to less steps) Collision detection (Robot in the way, request a repath) Possible integration with OpenSecurity Rolldoors (Place checkpoints inside the warehouse that the robots can request to be opened. Good for exits from the main warehouse area.) Auto-assortment into necessary bins (Certain chests will be associated with a type of item only, or if you need it, make them go into the miscellaneous area. Shulker box packages (put all requested items in a shulker to be outputted) Stock takes (Count items in the entire warehouse) I might add a store system so you can have people pay you for items. And more! I'll post updates here when I start getting progress in, but at the moment, there is not really anything that is done. I did make an A* pathfinding script that works with the robot, which I might make a video about. Well, fun times ahead, wish you all adieu
    • Incredibly interesting, but can it run store Crysis?
    • I feel like the most active person on this server LOL But I am here to announce that this is pretty much ready for release!!! It's gonna be a little bit of a process: gotta change ReadMe files, revise wiki, etc. but it's really gonna be worth it! It will "likely" be released tonight, so 12 hours I assume. However, I am unsure if the SecurityAPI will work by then, so as of the moment, it's incompatable. Here is a list of what I've done: Split apart the server and database completely from the security and sector system, and moved them to Servertine github Fixed security system module being unable to function without sector module installed too Modified Strings so that "string" is a single string which can be editable, uneditable, or hidden (cannot be seen on database) as well as "-string" being Multi-string which is where you can add multiple strings to one pass which can be checked by doors and is once again editable, uneditable, or hidden Security module no longer needs a reboot to add variables to the system, it changes it all on the fly Sector module is way easier to use on the database due to more room. Ability to view passes on a list instead of a combo box and you can edit the passes. Sector module passes now have a priority of 1 to 5: with 1 being checked first and 5 being checked last. Individual sector module passes have their own lockdown bypass setting, meaning 1 pass lets you unlock them and another just lets you bypass the lockdown. all the systems work on a port system now and are not fixed to one port, meaning multiple systems can be on one world. Door control has removed the selection of single and multi door to doorsystem. You can still choose single door setup on autoinstaller, however, it still sets it up like a multi door is set up, just automatically. One door can have multiple readers connected to it. I think this might be all of it. It will take a while for wiki's to be updated, so stay tuned!  
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