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Everything posted by bioscreeper

  1. Still online? Maybe I need to buy minecraft and not pirate it...
  2. I can't install the launcher, but I want the mods. (Dumb question: Do you host the server?)
  3. mmm... fresh x86 pie... Why don't we make an x86 emulator(tier 3 server w/ max rm for 4MB ram)?
  4. Can we make the computer.lua file I believe to be responsible for the computer's details, availble in a folder? /minecraft/opencomputers, /minecraft/config/opencomputers/machine.lua, /minecraft/saves/opencomputers/state/machine.lua
  5. How about making the solar generator upgrade place-able? It could generate more power because it's surface is not limited to the small pixel it is with the upgrade version.
  6. You already have all those other mods!, and that's a lot for me!
  7. Microcontrollers are meant to be stripped down. Only for that rail switch in the yard. Plus, a modem can be used to transmit debug signals, and adding local component = require("component") can let you run EEprom code on OpenOS
  8. Can you give me the client mod folder? Or links to the mods, and the version? Whaterver's easier. (I can't use the Technic Launcher) Edit: While you're at it, IC2?
  9. Oh, the listening range. I thought it was some unlisted crafting item for the radio.
  10. What do the speakers and the radio tuner do?
  11. It's in VS Code. 1. Why does it use the pitch's key value for milliseconds?
  12. Why does it need a computercraft eeprom? The standard eeprom works fine?
  13. init.lua is at /init.lua, not /home/init.lua Use cd / to go to root, it shold be there.
  14. Dustpuppy I can't delete characters in the text boxes within the options frame in your gui maker. It simply prints the delete control character
  15. I...can't figure out how to download the nods. (I also am on a Mac, no administrator access(AND vanilla launcher)).
  16. BillyCreeper87 Cracked minecraft Also, how do you power the computers? IE, IC2, MekanismGenerators?
  17. There is no way to use component commands on an initialised computer without an API reference! How would I detect code running on a computer, and then "auto-require" the component API?
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