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  1. I, Kodos (Ingame name as well), hereby request a special thinger on account of the following: 1: I'm awesome. 2: I help out a TON in IRC when people come in asking for help with things. If I'm awake enough to, and know what they're asking, I usually make it a point to help them as much as I can, because I used to be that nub who didn't know how to do a table or didn't know the difference between write and print, so I like giving the same support I had and keeping up the spirit of niceness that #oc has been known for. 3: Did I mention how awesome I am? 4: Also I write random programs and share them with people. Some have even been integrated into addon mods such as OpenPrinter's xerox.lua, and (Hopefully soon) OpenSecurity's Security Door control program. Requested color is 255, 255, 255 because clinical white is kind of my thing :3
  2. This looks great! However, I noticed with English language installed, the Finder app is still in Russian. Probably a couple more that I haven't found too, but I thought I'd post here and let you know.
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