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  1. If you're wanting to learn OC, convert it yourself using the wiki.
  2. Seems like this is broken in OC 1.6 dev builds pending a fix from Sugoi/Payonel with process cache being weak keyed. Looking forward to using this, though.
  3. Kodos


    With Computronics installed, EnderIO's Teleporter Block can be controlled via an OC Computer. I'd recommend using that, as EnderIO is a nice mod to have, and Computronics is an addon to OC that adds tons of inter-mod compatibility with OC and various mods.
  4. I, Kodos (Ingame name as well), hereby request a special thinger on account of the following: 1: I'm awesome. 2: I help out a TON in IRC when people come in asking for help with things. If I'm awake enough to, and know what they're asking, I usually make it a point to help them as much as I can, because I used to be that nub who didn't know how to do a table or didn't know the difference between write and print, so I like giving the same support I had and keeping up the spirit of niceness that #oc has been known for. 3: Did I mention how awesome I am? 4: Also I write random programs an
  5. This looks great! However, I noticed with English language installed, the Finder app is still in Russian. Probably a couple more that I haven't found too, but I thought I'd post here and let you know.
  6. This looks good! Do you have a screenshot of it being used?
  7. Kodos

    Hologram Editor

    With the addition of 3D Printers, I'd love to see this expanded upon, and used as a 3D Print preview and creation system
  8. I got tired of having to remember which color was which number on the default colors lib, so I made my own library so I could easily just call things like 'red' or 'lightblue' instead of 14 or whatever number the color I needed was. Finally got it working, so I figured I'd share it. Feel free to do whatever you want with it. Pastebin for the lazy:
  9. Hi Joshua! First of all, neat utility! This would come in very handy for a few things. I'm putting together a small pack of utility programs that, once finished, will be PR'd in as a loot disk. Would you mind granting me permission to add this in to the pack?
  10. I tried this out, and loved it. Probably spent a good half hour just playing. One thing I would suggest is to clear the screen every time the table gets drawn.
  11. I'm not much for forum post making, so here goes. I basically made a program that when ran, will keep listening on the network (Works wirelessly, too!) for modem_message events, and will write them to file. Just type 'logger' to get a usage printout. Code is in the spoiler =) or if you prefer being lazy... pastebin get DbYMfRj4 logger.lua
  12. I should point out that in OC 1.3, the OS is mounted at root, but is installed on the HDD and is therefore fully editable =)
  13. Unrelated, but Programmdude, I'd love to see screenies of your base. I've been working on figuring out how to set mine up, both the actual physical placement of rooms as well as computer infrastructure.
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