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  1. I do like big bases, the problem is that it takes so long to actually build anything. I do have an idea for a massive underground farm, all automated, but I am currently working on more automation and getting a train system setup. After that I think I am going to opencomputer my power system and have a nice GUI for that too.
  2. 1.6.4 currently, not enough mods are on 1.7.2 just yet.
  3. Any chance you can improve the memory usage with this? I tried compressing a file about 1/4 MB, not even my beefiest server with 4MB of ram could handle it.
  4. Programmdude


    Would you mind making me a repo? I am working on a computercraft wrapper, it's "mostly" functional. I can run the shell, change directory, so on. I can even play the adventure game, but a bug with scrolling makes it glitchy after a short time. I'll probably end up putting my other OC related things in there too.
  5. I have started a new thread to showcase my base, since you were interesting in it. http://oc.cil.li/index.php?/topic/126-my-opencomputer-base/
  6. In the support forum, I was asked to show off my base, so I decided to do that here instead of derailing the thread. It is under construction, more stuff is being added as I get around to it. Currently the idea is an underwater base with a central room, and 4 spokes out the side, one for each function. South is currently tech related, East will be magic, West will probably be a launch type system for galacticraft and icbm, and north might end up being a control room type thing. For the southern corridor, which is currently the only really functional one, I have 4 layers, the top is on the ocean floor, and is simply housing a portal with a passage to the center. The other three have the same layout, which is just a corridor with a bunch of 9x9x4 rooms. I like 9x9x4 because a lot of stuff such as reactors end up being about 7x7, so there is still room to walk around it. There are 3 blocks between each floor, the floor of one layer, the ceiling of another layer, and a middle one for cables. While it can get cramped, I haven't ran into any issues with this setup yet. The computers were on wireless, but my programs decided to stop working on the top two floors for some reason, it seemed like they picked up some wireless packets but not others. So I recently switched to cables, and all the issues have gone away. This is the bottom floor, each hallway having a similar layout. Lava lighting, since it gives the base a nice atmosphere. Lava droplets don't fall from the ceiling, but the bubbling noise can be heard. This corridor has 6 rooms, each being uniform in size. A nice open doorway, since 1 wide doors suck, and you can't center 2 doors with a 9x9 room. The obsidian door at the end goes to the center, it opens with redsone and tinkers contructs advanced drawbridges. This is my applied energestics room, because it's the best storage system set up so far. In the back, mostly obscured by the controller, there is a ME quantum gateway thingy, that links to a farming/bee world I set up to test in. This is my reactor, from bigreactors. I set up a simple control panel to monitor the reactor, because why not. It beats clicking on the reactor controller and it makes it easier to change how much power it's outputting. Since I have an excess of uranium, I haven't bothered to get it more automated, and I just leave it on generating enough power to idle everything. This is a closeup of the reactor program, It shows the basic information plus lets you change the fuel rod percentages. It does work as a touchscreen, but I have a keyboard attached because I was playing around with it. These are some of the cables under the floor, the top purple cable is the applied energestics me cable for item/liquid transport, it has a buildcraft facade attached to it to make it look seamless. ME cables don't work with microblocks at this time, so that was the only way to get it hidden without making it in the center layer. The middle red cable is RF energy conduits, it seems to be able to power everything and is good enough for my needs. The bottom cable is the opencomputers cable, I currently use this for networking since wireless glitched out on me. These are the cables going down the floors, they are hidden off to the side of one of the rooms. This is my opencomputers playground, I have servers on the left, only one that is currently active, and a development machine to the right. I have them attached to immibis' rfid reader and writer, since that's what powers my doors. These are my door controllers. There is a router hidden somewhere, plus an adapter to link to the rfid reader. It outputs redstone when someone with an rfid card is nearby. Eventually I will add authentication to the rfid cards, since they currently contain a sha1 hash of the players username. That is my slightly long winded tour of my base, my computer system is a bit simpler. I currently have one server running. It broadcasts it's network address every second, and listens for file access on another port. All the other computers attempt to connect to that one, and if they find it they mount it remotely to /net. A config file on each computer tells it which file to autorun, they are now all stored on the server since it makes updating easier. There is currently no way to remotely restart the computers, but it at least beats manually copying the programs around via floppy. They all share a similar custom "OS", essentially remounting / so I can install custom programs and libraries into /bin and /lib. The remote server also contains an archive of the latest version of the "OS", so if any of the computers are out of date, they will download the archive and install it. Currently the archive fails to extract with less then 256kb of ram, compression may help but the compression library I found couldn't compress the archive, not even with 4MB of ram (which is the max). With a complex startup routine, it does take the computers a good 5 seconds to set everything up and check that they have the latest version, but since they don't normally get shut down, its not too bad. I currently have a floppy with a bootstrap of the OS. It contains just enough on it to download and extract the full latest version of the server, so you just insert it, run install and wait. It seems to work now that the network has been fixed. I do plan on uploading all my stuff to github, but given the choice between setting that up, or going into minecraft to do some programming, I tend to do the latter.
  7. If you store your libraries in a standard location, such as /lib or /usr/lib (and probably /home/lib), they get loaded with a require("libraryName"), without the path. To do this for /lib or /usr/lib, you will need to mount your own drive as root, since the default root file system is the rom which is read only.
  8. While that was probably the issue for my reactor monitor, my door controllers have had another problem. It's using the adapter block with immibis's peripherals rfid reader, and every time a scan is complete another scan starts. My guess is that with the restart the rfid reader forgets about the fact that it was scanning, so it never returns a completed scan, so the program never issues another one. I have changed to a timer to initiate scans, my doors now survive restarting. No more crawling around in service tunnels for me.
  9. It seems like my computers are getting a too long without yielding error whenever the server restarts, the region is chunk loaded so they never get unloaded. Computers without a screen don't respond, and attaching a screen shows just black. If I exit the running program, it will print the exiting message but not load the shell again. Computers with a screen show the blue screen of death, with the too long without yielding error. All of these computers are running programs, all of them require a restart to start working again. The analyzer shows nothing relevant when I shift right-click the computer block. Strangely, servers seem to be unaffected. Programs running on that seem to continue working after restarting. I haven't tested this that thoughrily, a server restart takes about 5 minutes and is rather dull to sit through over and over. All my always running programs have a pattern similar to while true do local evt = event.pull() end, so it should be yielding properly. Is this a bug with opencomputers? Is this an issue with my programs?
  10. I wrote a pair of programs that let you mount an external computer as a drive. It's mostly untested, so I won't be surprised if it decides to crash and launch nukes at your base. Currently the filesystem is read only, and sends the entire file over in one message, so chances are it will break if you try to send files larger then 8kb (or your server max message size) over. It also only supports 1 server, and 1 mounted drive. Lots of limitations, but it's good enough as a proof of concept. Currently the server only hosts one parent folder, which currently is called /share, which in my setup is bound do a tier 3 HDD. It would be possible to rebind it to / to host every file on the server, but I don't think thats overly necessary consider most of them are identical per server due to the rom being loaded. Usage is simply netfs "destination mount", it auto scans for the recieving server, so host the server first. See, the pics don't lie. All the functions should be supported, though with only readonly access half of them will error out. Host: http://pastebin.com/pq59xgre Client: http://pastebin.com/RsdxhGNw
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