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Everything posted by Cat

  1. Cat

    Harddrive Clone

    Gogo utilities. Fairly simplistic.
  2. Cat


    Shouldn't be slow at all honestly unless there was an issue with CPU usage and OC. It should be almost instantaneous; after all NP++ and VS can do it. On Key Press update string and result=searchSuggestions(string) end On Draw Event do setColor(255,255,255) write(string) if result ~= "" then setColor(80,80,255) write(result) setColor(255,255,255) end I am here to have discussion, I have my own project too (it's in C#). I'm also here to give suggestions. If you feel like trying to implement, feel free.
  3. Cat


    Sounds good. (wonder if this post belongs elsewhere due to no code...) Here is one of my suggestions, how about a fill-in suggestion thing as you type? Like: I'm typing in - os.e and the suggestion would be os.execute and if I press ENTER it would make the input os.execute. (A general idea on display: os.execute)
  4. Nice! I'll take a look at the Pure Lua server and also take a look at cross-server communications because That is just simply Fun! Might have to make a multiplayer game for OC now... hm.
  5. Cat

    IRC Games and Discussion?

    Is there an IRC based program for OC in its standard API? I'm a total noob to IRC.
  6. Cat

    My Feedback

    More programs on the forum = Better though :c AfterLifeLochie hates my guts, but helped me out with deleting my entirety of accounts on the ComputerCraft.info website when I needed it deleted. He is fairly nice, hosted Epic's CCNet for free too. He just... gets upset really easily.
  7. You caught that? Whelp, I'm not good at debugging without my loyal NP++
  8. Cat

    IRC Games and Discussion?

    That's the only thing I know that can do that in CC anyways. I don't know much about the OC networking API.
  9. Only *possible* problem in the program I see is "local mode" on Line 30. Maybe try local mode = "" or something similar. I've read through this code 6 times and can't find anything else *Possibly* wrong. I don't really understand the local mode part of the code in a sense of debugging, but that looks like the only thing I don't understand. Try it and tell me the results, thanks.
  10. Could just make a small edit to your topic or to your program.
  11. Ok, that's a bit useful. I might test this API out later by creating an experimental Beatmania game.
  12. Still not really explained from my end. Oh well. "Configuration and programming", meaning, changing the pitch and also setting up music and stuff like that, yes?
  13. Disclaimer: I read this thread. Can you please tell me what this does? Giving "support to programs" is rather vague.
  14. Edited: -snip- Read an earlier reply, seems to be up to date which is good. Sound like fun, I'll try it out sometime.
  15. Here is a link to the Github issue Ender mentioned: https://github.com/MightyPirates/OpenComputers/issues/637
  16. Nice work. Using computer.beep might be sloppy sound wise but hey, it's a bit creative to use what you have to make things fun.
  17. Thanks, I'll talk to someone on IRC about it. Hopefully can get someone to take a look at it better than I can.
  18. Thanks for the links. I know there is a Love2D emulator for CC and heard some talk about possible emulation for OC too, guess not then.
  19. Dang, that'd be a nice additional feature for making graphics. I use that in Love2D a lot for my Button APIs. Isn't there a Love2D OC thing out or something? I remember reading something about that.
  20. Nice tutorial. Though very basic code-wise there is plenty of information and a good amount of formatting. +1
  21. Miku miku miku

  22. Seems simplistic. A button API would be quite simple to make since all you're doing is this little bit of math: if (mouse.x >= button.x and mouse.x <= button.x+button.w) and (mouse.y >= button.y and mouse.y <= button.y+button.h) then return true else return false end Honestly, if you want to make this improved, you could go with better Button graphics. Such as background-image, text-color ( you might already have this ), border-color, border-size, also if mouse.x is able to be checked without a click event, you could do Button highlights as people move their mouse over t
  23. Have you tried following the robot around and watching for When it disappears? From how you written the post I'm presuming you ran a program that makes the robot move accordingly to the program and will go around then come back. If they Do keep coming back, either it's something with your program, or it's something to due with chunk loading.
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