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Everything posted by coolian

  1. coolian

    Big Letter api?

    its not the best but its not the worst either. good enough
  2. From this comment I would assume that somewhere on the internet there exists such a thing as a "big letter api" but i cannot find any Does anyone know where to find such a library?
  3. coolian

    Ignore this

    because i refuse to oblige by your request
  4. I once ran into this exact problem, OC by default disables localhost specifically with this default config blacklist=[ "", "", "", "" ] the config supports domain names op addresses in string format and even CIDR notation for easy address ranges. the reason for this is apparently to prevent user from hosting their game locally and accidentally letting other people access their computers through OC. If you arent in multiplayer its probably safe to remove this from the config and othherwise you'll have to ge
  5. how do i check that stdin exists? at the moment i try to do it like so if io.stdin ~= nil then -- read stdin end however i get the error "attempt to index a nil value (field 'stdin')" how is this even possible if im checking if it is nil? i am using this in an attempt to recreate the 'tee' tool from linux
  6. t this is what happens after the computer restarts
  7. thanks now it works after adding _ befor message
  8. i have made some code to play around with the modem stuff but for some reason the modem_message event always returns 0 also im am running one of the scripts on a microcontroller and i am running minecraft version 1.7.10 code of the microcontroller: local rs = component.proxy(component.list("redstone")()) local modem = component.proxy(component.list(modem)()) local identity = 1 a ={} d = "id:" f = tostring(identity) a[1] = d a[2] = f modem.broadcast(1234, "id:1 is online") while true do computer.pullSignal(0.5) end
  9. thx im not very good at lua usally im in java but open computers dosnt has a java implementation
  10. i want to make a timer call some function after a little bit of time i use event.timer local event = require'timer' event.timer(2,function() print("do something"),3) that is my code and i get an unexpectet symbol error at ')' wheres the unexpectet symbol how do i need to make that
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