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  1. From the looks of it, after removing all of the addresses and fiddling around with the whitelist a bit in the config i still can't get a packet through. I'd probably have to go through the mod source and see how it handles http and so on if i want to figure out whats wrong. Also never thought of using a raspberry pi for running the server and im sure to have one kicking around somewhere so thanks for that.
  2. I'm simply trying to send a string using the internet card's .request() function to a web server (Asp.NET core 6) hosted locally on my machine. local computer = require("computer") local component = require("component") local serialization = require("serialization") local internet = require("internet") local event = require("event") local reactor = component.nc_fission_reactor ... function sendEnergy() data = reactor.getEnergyStored() local header = {} header["content-type"] = "application/json" internet.request("https://localhost:7173/api/energy/sendEnergy", tostring(data), header)
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