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  1. Kilobyte

    Port list

    I am working on a specification for sockets as part of the OpenIP standard which in turn will be part of OpenPosix. I will also provide an implementation for OpenOS
  2. I am working on my own emulator as well, slowly making progress. It is beeing written in scala and licensed under MIT, just as OC itself.
  3. Maybe very complex tasks that require a lot of calculation power, or things that are very hard/inefficient in lua
  4. Woo a topic for our server! Can't wait for further stuff to come. I mean, i was going to throw my own, but i might just go on here instead permanently
  5. Kilobyte

    POSIX grep

    Now, this looks fancy... You apperently did a very nice job, though, haven'T gotten a chance to try it out yet
  6. You should add pacman style syntax. Like: mpt -S <list of packages> - install packages mpt -Ss <pattern> - search mpt -R <list of packages> - remove mpt -Sy - update package list mpt -Su - update all packages. mpt -U <file> - install package from file mpt -Qs search installed packages ...and more, see pacman manpage Ofc those are combinable: mpt -Syu abc def would first update package db, then update all packages and finally install abc and def
  7. Kilobyte

    #OC Bot Commands

    Kibibyte has quite a few commands. You can use the #help command to get a list of the ones you can use. Most used ones: #g <term> - searches for a term on the google search engine #tell <nick> <message> - forwards a message to someone else #drama - pulls a drama from asies drama generator. Adding the -c flag makes it show the times the generator was accessed instead #seen <nick> - shows when nick has last been seen talking. Note: it ignores +s channels unless you are in them as well. #y <term> - looks for youtube videos
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