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  1. If you manage to port OC to Minecraft PE, I'll make sure you'll get a robot named after you and +v on #oc.
  2. weeehoo, looks awesome and also just what I wanted, Thank you very very much!
  3. Very good tutorial for everyone new to OC. Will try to link everybody here if i feel like they could use the help. Good work sir/madam!!
  4. You two made like the best tutorial beginners could wish for. Very much appreciated!
  5. // Staying cause of reasons Whitelist app <spoiler> String MC_username = ***censored*** // Without the "" // Yall know my irc // And i aint gonna tell my age </spoiler>
  6. Yes, the story is really likeable. Apart from all the "That me, australian edition" moments it also pretty nice written. Keep up the awesome work man
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