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  1. Am I the only one that doesn't see why you can't just have your programs handshake with the other computer and then communicate as you please, over whatever port you wish? Your programs should be able to ignore other transmissions over the network that aren't intended for your program, anyway.
  2. I'll pop open Photoshop and come up with something. Also, because the mod is open-source, couldn't you just code in the thing and then make a PR for it? EDIT: Better logo. I guess pussh didn't cooperate, because the shadow behind the OC looked great in p/s, but looks like the exact same color as the "OC" here, so I have to make it lighter.
  3. I can make you another logo when I get home. I'll need to know what block to put on it though. (Like how there is a computer on the CCJam logo.)
  4. I'm gonna be inviting OC testers from these forums. If you want to test in CC, if/when I make a topic on the CC forum make a reply and I will consider it. I will not be inviting everyone and, for CC testers, I will chose members with at least a few programs/AaP contributions/rep to test. (Nobody has much of anything on the OC forums because they are so new.)
  5. I hit the Theme Editor in the top-right corner (the paintbrush icon) and selected lime green (they call it Apple), my preferred color. However, it doesn't seem to take effect on the "OpenComputers" at the top of the page, with that color still being the default "Slate". Here is a screenshot:
  6. So yeah, I'm currently working on some boilerplate for a game for ComputerCraft/OpenComputers. I'm not going to release many details, but it is a port of a semi-popular iOS (it might be released on Android too) game. Also, nothing is set in stone yet, I might have to cancel this at any time. Also, I'm only looking for about 5 testers from these forums (and 5 from CC forums so 10 total testers). Still interested? You can post below, and if/when the game is finished enough, I will give you a PM.
  7. Would I be allowed to post a program on these boards that works with both ComputerCraft and OpenComputers? It's one file that works on both, not two download links.
  8. I know that, but there is still stuff that I'll need to reimplement.
  9. I'll just note that I'm not actually a dev, but an alpha tester, who suggested (and offered to port) PokeOC. I'm brand (well not reallyf, I'm actually getting the boilerplate done for an OC emulator) new to OC too, but I've learned my stuff. Only issue with the OC port is that you are going to need to craft higher-end hardware. But yeah, I might need a little help at times, so additional devs are welcome. Also, the new forums link is http://pokecc.vifino.cc/forum
  10. I was thinking of making this in Java, as it will save me a ton of time to not have to rewrite the whole mod. I can also implement LuaJ (for CC and fallback mode) if I use Java easily, and heck, I can still port it to a web applet (reference to 1lann's HTML5 web emulator) if I want to.
  11. I planned for "Click to make a new computer setup" as it is important to test your program under different settings. I also plan on letting you switch between native mode and fallback mode. (I only plan on releasing this for Windows and Mac, though I guess it's Java, so I can release it on anything. If I do release it for other platforms, if the native library isn't available, you'll have to use fallback mode.)
  12. I wanted to discuss emulators with the OC community: What would the OC community think of an emulator? The ComputerCraft community is pretty open to the idea, as not everyone has a good PC that can just open Minecraft, but the OC community might have a different stance. Would anyone object to an emulator with both CC and OC support? It's an idea I've had in mind for a little while, but those who feel that there is a heated competition between the mods might object to it. Would you use the emulator? Why or why not? That's all from me. Let the war-ahem, discussion-begin!
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