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  1. Oh this list is going to be very helpful. I will have to go find and unify most of my ports so that I can put some of my programs onto this list.
  2. This has given me some ideas for a project I have been working on here lately. I wonder how well our code would run on the same network... chances are there'd be many... many... routing issues. Lol. I'm very curious as to how this might turn out, it looks promising so far; I wish you the best of luck! I'll check back in on update!
  3. I WANT IT! are these going to be full block models (PLEASE PLEASE DONT) or smaller models that only take up a portion of the block(PLEASE PLEASE)? because i don't like how big and beastly the current cases are i agree if jhargrid on some of his suggestions. P.S. No matter what the cases there still something i am looking forward to, can't wait
  4. GREAT!!!!!!! will install on server been waiting for this!!!
  5. Does your scanning code for the skins load the whole hologram as a 3d object?

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