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  1. I have finished this request roughly halfway, although I was wondering if your server used a currency accessible by Open Computers. If so I could integrate that as a part of the program's scope. However if it does not, you will manually have to enable and disable outputs once you receive payment or lack there of. If you do have a "digital" currency in place, please let me know which mod it is based on so that I can integrate it properly, if not I will continue developing this as a semi-automated system. Additionally... how big is this network?
  2. Using this would be far easier than making my own just to run simple programs! This is very intriguing, I will take a look at it when I finish my current project, a clever Window Management system for Open Computers would be some help on the user side of things!
  3. LiEwYe is correct on this one, you would have to modify, or create, a new shell for OpenOS. If you were trying to prevent modification, that would have to be done by editing the "edit" function in /bin. As far as colour for file extensions goes, I believe that is define in /home/.shrc.
  4. I've been gradually working my way up to implementing a service capable of in-game web-browsing with a form of HTML and style-sheets, possibly with remote-execution. However some other projects took precedence over this project such as GERT-Ocranet (although life got in the way and I wasn't able to contribute as much as I would've liked) and a few others. Did you mean in-game web-browsing or did you mean internet web-browsing? If so, I do not believe it would be worth while to implement an internet browser within OC that is capable of this because it would traumatically slow and possibly unstable due to the amount of background tasks involved in browsing. They are not much when you think about your laptop, but your laptop measures in GB and GHz, these little guys measure in MB and MHz.
  5. I can try to lend you a hand. However I'm not sure how much help I can be. Can you give me some information about your install environment and what arch you're trying to install the program with? The install should be done on a floppy drive from the looks of things, as well as make sure you have all the files form the github installed.
  6. This is one of the more interesting projects I have seen around. I will be sure to give it a closer look when I return from my business trip! It is an interesting idea that could allow for much larger, more advanced programs to be developed and released. I would be very interested in the further development and possible community evolution of this project!
  7. Oh this list is going to be very helpful. I will have to go find and unify most of my ports so that I can put some of my programs onto this list.
  8. This has given me some ideas for a project I have been working on here lately. I wonder how well our code would run on the same network... chances are there'd be many... many... routing issues. Lol. I'm very curious as to how this might turn out, it looks promising so far; I wish you the best of luck! I'll check back in on update!
  9. If I am not wrong, the Apple IIe used this processor. Someone better make an Apple OS!!!!
  10. ARM has been picked back up and taken over by someone with more know how then me, Solra is back at it again. with 2 releases it is mostly stable and running some lua code.
  11. how would one use your makeFile to compile there own .s file into a rom file.
  12. so how would i set up your make file to compile my own rom folder?
  13. this looks like a good idea, i hope you are able to continue your work on it, i would like to see it once its finished
  14. theres nothing special i should have to do to get this jar to launch is there? no specific version of java or arguments that need to be run with it?
  15. maybe im missing something here, the only jars i see are the OpenComputers-ARM-MC1.7.10-0.0a3.jar one, lua52.elf and source.tar and tar.gz
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