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Found 5 results

  1. Back in the day, I had started to look into and even attempted to develop An advanced networking system for OC. I failed before, but I feel I now have the experience and knowledge to truly pull it off (thanks to working in the field). So, I would like to re-introduce the Unet Project! The Unet framework is a full stack IP routing solution, featuring 64 bit IP address and subnet masks, VLANs, MAC (modem address) aware interfaces and the ability to be filtered by routers. The key behind Unet is its abstraction layer, aggregating all communications media (Loopback, Wired M
  2. Beating my head against a brick wall on this one. Playing with HermitPack 1.1.0 (SMP) on MC1.10.2 with OC For the life of me, I cannot get a remote terminal to do anything except provide a blank screen. I have a T3 server with a T2 APU in my rack. I also have a terminal server also in the same rack. When I click the terminal server with the remote terminal, the blue icon on the terminal server indicates it's paired. When I power up the server, I see nothing at all on the remote terminal. The remote terminal has the little prompt icon on the held entity, but as s
  3. I think OpenComputers is a great mod itself, but it needs more stuff and some improvements. Here's what I Think needs to be added/improved. (LOTS of Reading!) ***SERVER SYSTEM ENHANCEMENTS/CHANGES*** 1. When linking multiple servers via cable, then wiring it to a screen, numerous graphical glitches occur. This is because every server is trying to overlap eachother on the screen. I think that you should add a completely different screen, a screen that can control an entire server room in one console. For example: A terminal that, upon typing a command, turns on every server that is
  4. Hey, I'm running OpenComputers for MC 1.10.2 and I've been messing around with most things in the mod. I have a computer hooked up to a relay which is then hooked up to a server in a server rack. The problem is, I can broadcast a packet from the server to the computer but not the other way around.. when I try and broadcast a packet from the computer, the server receives nothing. Internally in the rack, both servers are able to send and receive packets from each other so I'm not sure why packets externally are not reaching the servers in the racks. http://tzli.me/XQBb3 (A
  5. Yes, I know that many people have made networking systems, and I know that some of them do routing too. But I want to present a new contender to the table Unet! Unet will be an advanced networking system that will be heavily documented, routed using many different methods, and even support many transport mediums such as modems (of course), redstone eventually, linked cards, abstract busses, you think of it, it could probably be added to Unet! The way I'll achive this us by using routing devices set up in an extended star, as well as emulating the actual API, meaning that Unet will
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