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  1. Beating my head against a brick wall on this one. Playing with HermitPack 1.1.0 (SMP) on MC1.10.2 with OC For the life of me, I cannot get a remote terminal to do anything except provide a blank screen. I have a T3 server with a T2 APU in my rack. I also have a terminal server also in the same rack. When I click the terminal server with the remote terminal, the blue icon on the terminal server indicates it's paired. When I power up the server, I see nothing at all on the remote terminal. The remote terminal has the little prompt icon on the held entity, but as s
  2. So working on this at 2am was probably a bad idea. After rethinking things and sleeping on it, I think I managed to resolve it, but I'd still like some confirmation from someone that is a little more familiar. Using the same power / time formula above, if I change the os.time() to cTime = ((os.time() * 1000) / 60 /60) - 6000 That does appear to give me a more accurate result. Is this the correct formula for working out ticks? For those that are interested, here is the full function I'm using for monitoring the Induction Matrix from Mekanism. I don't see any reason why it wo
  3. So this will probably be a very nub question, but I'm struggling with it. I'm building a system to manage my Mekanism Induction Matrix and the Mekanism Reactor that keeps it running. Managing the reactor isn't a problem. But what I'm trying to do is count the flow of energy into and out of my induction matrix in RF/t. Except I'm having a real hassle figuring out how to count the number of ticks since I last checked. Currently I have a table that is storing and updated each cycle through the app. There is a pause of about 5 seconds in between where the event handler just listens wi
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