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  1. Hello, I’m new to lua so I don’t really know what I’m doing. I’m creating a turnstile where people pay to open a door. Is there a way to make a computer detect that an item was input into a chest and then emit a Redstone signal do open a door?
  2. Hello, I play on a roleplay server and I own the energy company there, like any energy company in the world I have to bill my clients and I use the Zetta Industries RF meter to do that, it outputs the exact amount of energy the user has consumed. To bill my clients I have to go up to their property and check the meter and that is getting really hard since the server is groing so I need another way of billing. I found that the RF meter is compatible with OC and there are a series of commands that i can use to make my life easier. Here' the link to them https://zi.bymarcin.com/RFMeter/RFMeter.md. What I need is a program that does all the functions in the link and displays all the information about the meters in a monitor. The program must also be easy to use, example: if i want to block someones electricty I click on their meter displayed on the monitor and a window appears with all the actions I can take, then I click on the Block elevtricity action and the meter stops outputing. If this example is too hard or impossible to use the commands can be text based as long they are easy to use. I really need this program and if possible I would like to get it in a month, but I know it is a really complicated program(I think, don't know nothing about lua XD) so anyone that might want to take a swing at it can take as much time as they need, I need something functional and easy to use as previously said. Thank you for your time, I wish all of you good luck. Also it must be for version 1.7.10
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