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    • Lizzy Trickster

      Latest Stable OpenComputers Version   11/26/16

      The latest released version of OpenComputers is version 1.6.1 for MC 1.7.10, 1.8.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10.2. See more information here! Beta/Dev builds can be found at the Jenkins Build Server (ci.cil.li)


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    • Hello all, i changed from computercraft to opencomputers and now i need the parallel api but in oc is none, so i need a little bit help to rewrite the programm i have read something about a background process, like windows but i dont understand this so i hope you can tell me what i have to do with my code to abort or cancel the io.read() if my magenta input is on local component = require("component") local sides = require("sides") local colors = require("colors") local redstone = component.redstone local computer = require("computer") oeffner = redstone.getBundledInput(sides.back, colors.magenta) yellow = redstone.getBundledInput(sides.back, colors.yellow) lime = redstone.getBundledInput(sides.back, colors.lime) print("Willkommen im Türkontrollmodus") if(yellow == 241 and lime == 243) then print("Tür ist Zurzeit geschlossen") elseif (yellow < 241 and lime < 243) then print("Tür ist zurzeit geöffnet") else print("Tür steht in einem unbekannten Zustand") end print("Bitte warten, die Türsteuerung wird geladen.") print("") print("") os.sleep(2) print("Willkommen bei der Türsteuerung") print("Bitte eingabe erfassen zum Tor öffnen(1) oder schließen(2)") eingabe = io.read() while not tonumber(eingabe) do print("keine Nummer") print("Bitte eine Ziffer von 0-9 Eingeben") eingabe = io.read() end if (eingabe == "1" or oeffner == 230 and yellow == 241 and lime == 243) then print("Tür wird geöffnet") redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.lightblue, 255) for i=1,5 do redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.orange, 255) os.sleep(0.1) redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.orange, 0) if (i == 5) then redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.lightblue, 0) end os.sleep(1) end elseif (eingabe == "2" or oeffner == 230 and yellow < 241 and lime < 243) then print("Tür wird geschlossen") redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.lightblue, 255) for i=1,5 do redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.white, 255) os.sleep(0.1) redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.white, 0) if (i == 5) then redstone.setBundledOutput(sides.back, colors.lightblue, 0) end os.sleep(1) end else print("Eingabe nicht möglich, Nummer nicht verwendet, oder Tor bereits geöffnet/geschlossen") print("Bitte erneut versuchen") os.sleep(2) computer.shutdown(true) end  
    • As XyFreak said, that sounds awesome! I highly doubt around 10 peripherals would be too many for a server with a tier 3 processor and 3 component buses (yes, I went all in to try to eliminate whatever errors could occur with connectivity). My bet is that certain chunks in the void dimension have stopped working as they should. I've been forced to relocate certain Refined Storage exporters and importers as well. I guess I shouldn't leave things running for several days without me, or anyone else, online haha.
    • yeah, I can't validate the slavery part... yet... but let's see him control my Minecraft while I have no internet. as far as the security goes though, it's only as secure as you allow your oc network to be. (you can't complain if you allow others to access your computer)   at least he can't get me for redistributing his os (haven't posted my image anywhere but here)
    • Remove the io = require("io")
    • In his Russian terms of service it says you are now his slave   Russian Terms of service Note: I am not responsible for anything you read here Note: This page is in Russian and will need to be translated to English if you are English ------------------------------------------------------------------ From GitHub - Pre translated - By Google Translate Carefully read the terms of this license agreement before installing the operating system.   By clicking "Accept", you agree to the following:   ● You have to act immediately in the anal slavery to the author     this operating system.   ● Some of your personal data (user names, passwords     pastebin.com sites and vk.com) can be read by others     humans and used for personal gain because of your same     inattention.   ● You agree not to distribute this OS, as well as     its individual components under its own copyright mark without     copyright.   ● Do you accept the fact that the author of the operating system does not bear any     responsible for any physical or mental injury,     you may suffer by using this OS.   ● ...   ● Yes whom it **** bro? Legs together, **** in the prick, and forward     toward the unknown!      In case of disagreement with any of the above claims, you have to press the key combination Ctrl + Alt + C, to complete installer.
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