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    Currently, this is: $25/6-months for the forums itself and $10/6-months for the Theme (totalling $35 USD/6-months).

    You're not obligated to donate anything, but anything you do donate will be much appreciated. :)

    71% of donation goal reached.
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    • This scares me. This is terrifying. This should not be allowed. It's mesmerizing
    • Hello! With the situation being what it is, and many companies (including my employer) having remote meetings, I wanted something original for presenting slides. I was blown away by the Better Than Minecon presentation and I wanted to use that! So I took to Minecraft and recreated our meeting room. Problem was, the BTM program wasn't released publicly, so I needed to create my own solution. Luckily, Asie's CTIF Viewer was already doing all the heavy lifting (Actually showing pictures to the screen). Only thing missing was a way to cycle through multiple pictures. On Discord, Forecaster and The_Stargazer suggested to simply modify the Lua file... so... here we are! pastebin.com/fKpwFwfd It's REALLY basic, but it gets the job done.  Instructions: Download the Lua file to your /bin or /usr/bin. Create a folder, put only your ctif images inside. Name them in numerical order you want them to appear (0.ctif, 1.ctif, 2.ctif...). From within the folder, run the program.  Click/Touch the screen for next slide. Ctrl+C to interrupt (exit) The resolution is still REALLY low so make sure to use big letter (or avoid text on your slide if you can).  I used the Aperture mod to lock the camera in place so my avatar would be in front of the screen and the view would stay fixed, then shared my screen on our video conferencing app. I've got to say it worked well! The hardest part in a virtual meeting is having people's attention, and ..well... people were intrigued. So.. mission accomplished? 
    • ocdoc.cil.li, with a few rare exceptions, is a haphazard collection of archaic manuscripts preserved to remind us how not to do documentation. No wonder this particular method is missing its mention on the wiki. Your best friend in exploring OC's components is the OpenOS's built-in program "components". Here's how to use it: # print the names and addresses of all connected components: components # same, with scrolling if the list is too long (use the arrow keys to navigate): components | less # filter by name: the following lists all connected GPUs components gpu # list all methods and their docs: components -l gpu | less Another option is grepping through the OC's source code for @Callback annotations.
    • I added a program: "Project Stardust", it allows using OpenOS software on Fuchas ! you just have to "sudo stardust <path of openos program>"
    • I play on a server so I can't get you the save but all the mods are listed here https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/stargatemc.135186/mods
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