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Found 4 results

  1. Tahak

    Server Racks

    Hi, I'm running at DireWolf20 1.10.2 v1.12.1 (OC-1.10.2- pack and currently I'm expanding my production of energy using BRGC created by @XyFreak As of now I made to more turbines that one T3 PC (T3 CPU) can handle. That got me to servers. As I created 1st Rack and put two servers in. Both with 1x T3 CPU, 1x T3,5 RAM, 1x T3 DiskDrive + one of them have Network Card and T3 GPU. As far as I could go I tried one rack wit or without one of the components, getting OpenOS on both or not. During my test I wasn't able to get server up and running to detect all components as it was
  2. Beating my head against a brick wall on this one. Playing with HermitPack 1.1.0 (SMP) on MC1.10.2 with OC For the life of me, I cannot get a remote terminal to do anything except provide a blank screen. I have a T3 server with a T2 APU in my rack. I also have a terminal server also in the same rack. When I click the terminal server with the remote terminal, the blue icon on the terminal server indicates it's paired. When I power up the server, I see nothing at all on the remote terminal. The remote terminal has the little prompt icon on the held entity, but as s
  3. Hello fellow OpenComputerians, today I want to tease you a little with my mouth-watering idea(or should I say soon-to-be-tangible toy?): Jalopeno. Yes, indeed, you saw that misspelled word right. Blame it on the jalapeno I chewed! It sizzled my brizzle. Think of it as a central station to manage all of your devices in one place, specifically all connected devices in a single website. From website to your devices, you could remote access them. You could deliver Lua's codes directly to your devices. You could paint your tiny silly screens directly from the websites. You could track errors. Your
  4. I writing a program which scans ground and detecting ores using geolyzer, It works on server, to which 2 remote terminals are connected. I have 2 GPU in this server and want to split terminals programmaticaly. Does it even possiable to connect remote terminals to different GPU's ?
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