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  1. Someone was talking about this on the IRC about the JS architect. It has captured my interest. Could you clarify more on the no memory/ cpu management? Without it, server and client can't sync together properly?
  2. You make good points there. That would totally take lot of coding to implement rendering for tools and parts too. I'm not sure what would be wrong with 1x1x1 robot? It probably would be hard to see but its name would still show up on top of it, no? Hm, perhaps instead of making custom shell, the shell could be simply painted on top of it instead? Or maybe disable the rendering of tool and parts completely when using custom shell.
  3. This thought came to my mind and well I would like to share it since I think its really useful suggestion. Here goes: by using 3d printer, you could enable the creation of custom shells for robot. Imagine personalizing the robots by their duties. A mining robot with the skin of cobblestone and farming robot would go with the appearance of tilled dirt or leaves for timber robot. I dont know how hard to make this but it would enhance the use of 3d printer for robots (perhaps drone to, not sure.) The assembler could have one more slot as shell/skin slot where you can insert 3d printed blo
  4. While I'm still working on ironing out bugs and implementing new features: here are the usecases that are now possible for registered devices when they're online and chunkloaded: 1. Access to your registered device globally. You can terminal into them as if you're using Lua directly altho with tiny small changes. 2. Connect two or more different network together. Got multiple bases across many servers? make a group and select machines to join that group. Those machines in a group will be able to see each others as modem events regardless dimension, or server enviorments. Modem events stuff m
  5. Hello fellow OpenComputerians, today I want to tease you a little with my mouth-watering idea(or should I say soon-to-be-tangible toy?): Jalopeno. Yes, indeed, you saw that misspelled word right. Blame it on the jalapeno I chewed! It sizzled my brizzle. Think of it as a central station to manage all of your devices in one place, specifically all connected devices in a single website. From website to your devices, you could remote access them. You could deliver Lua's codes directly to your devices. You could paint your tiny silly screens directly from the websites. You could track errors. Your
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