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  1. You should try to report this Here since it is more likely mod problem and not BRGC problem EDIT: seems like you are not the first - #153
  2. But as I was told here you can insert double GPUs in server and you will get console on one screen and brgc_gui on the other one BTW: If I would go nuts and build let's say 100 turbines is there any way to connect them all to server? As PC cannot take that many components even with "Component Bus"
  3. I can confirm that with newest version (1.10.2) it works fine for now
  4. Case solved, message no more needed. Cheers
  5. So if I get this correctly this could be avoided, by running the function that is working with reactor in larger intervals? Meaning that it would be slower but not completely ruin OC PC. At the same moment what is mystery for me, is that turbines works fine, it is only reactor that is affected. As soon as we get some evidence here I will post it back to git. Also I'm going go test 'the other program' and report the results here.
  6. Hey @XyFreak So after few days I posted issue about this problem to EX github. Well, you can read about it there, much faster than Twitter. Hope this get sorted out and it won't be one of those cases of finger pointing. https://github.com/ZeroNoRyouki/BigReactors/issues/146
  7. Tahak

    Server Racks

    Hey, thanks for your help and the 2nd screen tip. I was really thinking that I would need to make 2 servers each with one CPU as it was in older versions (atleast videos that I watched). As of now everything is up and running smoothly.
  8. Tahak

    Server Racks

    Hi, I'm running at DireWolf20 1.10.2 v1.12.1 (OC-1.10.2- pack and currently I'm expanding my production of energy using BRGC created by @XyFreak As of now I made to more turbines that one T3 PC (T3 CPU) can handle. That got me to servers. As I created 1st Rack and put two servers in. Both with 1x T3 CPU, 1x T3,5 RAM, 1x T3 DiskDrive + one of them have Network Card and T3 GPU. As far as I could go I tried one rack wit or without one of the components, getting OpenOS on both or not. During my test I wasn't able to get server up and running to detect all components as it was
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