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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, I'm here to announce the release of OpenSecurity! Build Status: Downloads: https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/OpenSecurity Change Log: http://ci.pc-logix.com/job/OpenSecurity/changes Source: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity OpenSecurity adds Items and Blocks that are useful for the security of your worlds or bases. Documentation has been moved to GitHub: https://github.com/PC-Logix/OpenSecurity/wiki
  2. ghost1257


    Hey I am writing a program and has of right now I am using event.pullMultiple because it is used to control my fluid nuclear reactors. It can shut them off and turn them on and also out puts data but I am having trouble getting it to update automatic without hitting a button on the keyboard. Without losing function of the program I can get code on here later if need be. Thanks
  3. A new server I'm starting using a mod pack that may change in the future. The IP: The (current) Mods in alphabetical order: Advanced Machines Advanced Solar Panels Appliedenergistics2 BetterBuildersWands ChickenChunks CodeChickenCore CodeChickenLib CoFHCore Computronics EnderCore EnderIO EnderStorage Energyconverters Extrautils2 Forge ForgeMultipart Gravitation Suite Industrialcraft 2 InventoryTweaks Jei MrTJPCore NotEnoughItems OpenComputers OpenPrinter OpenSecurity ProgressiveAutomation ProjectRed-Base ProjectR
  4. Keasion A brand new server, built from the ground up. My staff and I have been working hard on this server for weeks now, and I present to you: Keasion. It has mods, which is why it has Forge. Including OpenComputers, and 21 more. We have a number of Estates, and islands, and our own currency. Come and join us today! Server IP: server.keanu73.me:25565 Technic Launcher Pack: Click here Or if you want to download it directly (make sure to install Forge in your minecraft client, then set the folder with these contents as the directory for the profile): Click he
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