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  1. ProjectOC 3 ProjectOC 3 is a little server with focus on OpenComputers. The pack is designed for our server, but can be used standalone too. On our server you have the possibility to access your OC disks using an FTP connection. This way you can code directly on the server using your preferred editor/IDE. To guarantee the server performance as much as possible we have limited the amount of chunkloader upgrades to 10 per player. But at least you get these right from the beginning. We are open for any suggestions and to do some events like game jams if the interest is these.
  2. I probably just too dumb, but how do I use it for embedded devices?
  3. Thx for the feedback, I'm glad that you like it (:
  4. I am glad to hear that :> I was thinking about a smooth camera using the gpu.copy function (entire rerender of the frame is taking too much time) but currently i am not working on the game anymore.
  5. ocCraft is a little videogame originated trough a very little OpenComputers game jam. It is currently not much more as the engine but should be easy to modify as long as you have a little practice with lua. Modding You can install/create your own texture packs (also with different resolution) as well as mods with new blocks, entities and biomes (world gen)*. *(technically you can change nearly anything at runtime because the most data are stored in a local table named global which will given to any script at loading.) GitHub: https://github.com/MisterNoNameLP/ocCraft
  6. ProjectOC has moved on! POC2 has got a reboot and is no longer active. The only reason this thread is still here is for historical reasons. Of courese not all the progress POC2 players have done is gone. But more infos about that on our discord server. ProjectOC 3 page: Discord server: https://discord.gg/v927kk7 ProjectOC 2 is a small 1.12.2 survival server with focus on OpenComputers. With weekly events like coding contests, game jams etc. we want to guarantee the long time motivation. Of course, you can't code directly in OC so why we provide an FTP acces
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