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  1. O cool Thx I've long since gotten better with lua and made the projects I requested in the topic myself (and stupidly lost the code because I didn't back it up and the server I was playing on reset. Always back up your code people) going to redo it at some point
  2. nice mabye ill come on one day
  3. is this server accualy going to be online?
  4. why did the paste get removed
  5. i kept all my files in the root of the drive so i could simply write open os over it without loosing anything ive got a few of your 3d models if you want copies back
  6. maxstripe

    Corrupt a wish

    but as a result of the spider bite you get cancer and only have 1 year to live i wish i was god
  7. maxstripe

    Corrupt a wish

    but your wish only lasts for 1 week i wish i was invisible
  8. maxstripe

    Corrupt a wish

    but you cant walk anymore. i wish i could breath underwater
  9. maxstripe


    this automaticly crashes the second i enter anything in the client (the drone crashes not the client)
  10. Description: I need a program that allows me to control sgcraft stargates and drones Function: is there anyway for someone to make a program that controls an SG craft stargate (when someone dials in it closes the iris and sends out wireless signals probing for a response from a tablet were the iris code would be entered. if wrong code is entered it shuts down the gate. if right code is entered it opens the iris and transmits an all clear signal to the tablet) all this would be wireless also is there a way to program a drone to receive commands from a computer to move/use geolyzer/use
  11. halp! this doesnt work for me for some reason.... for the tablet part it just says true for the stargate part it just prevents use of teh computer
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