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    • You'll want to import the "computer" library using local computer = require("computer") As for the beep - see if you can find it in this doc page: https://ocdoc.cil.li/api:computer  
    • local rs = component.proxy(component.list(“redstone”)()) Local wr = component.proxy(component.list(“modem”)()) --[[ ^ capital letter not allowed! Use 'local' ]] wr.open(2110) local x,w,a,d,f,sent = computer.pullSignal() rs.setOutput(3,100) #output to front --[[ ^ this is a shell comment - lua will try (and fail) to parse this! Learn about Lua comments here: https://www.lua.org/pil/1.3.html ]] while true do if sent = “enon” then --[[ ^ here you've missed the distinction between '=' and '=='. While '=' is an assignment operator (such as "local a = 4") then '==' is an equality expression (such as "if sent == 'enon'") The distinction is made to prevent you from accidentally doing one when you meant the other. ]] rs.setOutput(3,100) elseif sent = “enoff” then --[[ ^ don't forget to fix this one too ]] rs.setOutput(3,0) elseif computer.energy() < 150 then rs.setOutput(3,0) end --[[ ^ you were missing an 'end' here but it was hard to tell until I added indentation. Giving the program some shape makes it easier to spot grammatical mistakes like these ]] end -- I've also removed a lot of the whitespace between each of your lines of code. Bringing it closer together makes it easier to comprehend. I've taken your code, changed the whitespace a little and annotated it with all the mistakes I spotted. Hopefully you'll be able to fix up the code yourself! Also something to beware when pasting code raw - the forum exchanges some symbols to make them more aesthetically pleasing, but this breaks your code - use the "code" button in the editor instead!   Hope this helps
    • i would love to see this work for Aunis as I have switched to using it exclusively and the mod developer is doing so much for the mod (very recently he added the Universe Stargate)
    • i cant figure out the modem commands at all, can someone help me? i just need to do x when y signal is received. something like  if(x) then computer.beep(1000,1) end  
    • Hey guys, a couple of years ago I created a few episodes of playing minecraft using only OpenComputers, I started doing that again and here is the first episode.   In the OpenComputers Challenge we are not allowed to leave the house, but we have a robot companion that can do our deeds for us.     Let me know what you think, I'd appreciate any feedback.
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