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    • Update 2.2.2: Added runtime door editing to diagnostic tablet. Only works on versions 2.2.2 and up. The only thing runtime editing cannot do yet is passes. That still requires the auto installer. In order to use runtime editing, you go to the runtime editing app on the diagnostic tablet, choose the door you want to edit, and swipe the red card (admin card) on that magreader. If it is a multidoor, then the first magreader you swipe will always be listed first, then all the other doors connected to the multi door will be listed after that. Another upgrade over traditional autoinstaller editing is that it lists the previous settings of the door, and you can select which options to edit instead of having to change all the settings. You switch between the doors (on a multidoor not single) with the left and right arrow keys. Use the number keys to select which you want to edit on a door. Press enter to identify a door (If using the latest version of opensecurity, it turns on and off the redstone or open/close door a few times. If using the modified version (when finished it will be pulled into main opensecurity branch), it will change between the lights on the magreader.) When you are finished editing the settings, you click the screen, which will send the modified settings to the door and submit it to the server. If you made any mistakes on the editing, a copy of the previous settings is saved (I forgot the name of it, but you'll find it if you use it) If you run into any issues, please don't hesitate and submit an issue report to the github. I was a little rushed to get it out so I could make my video on the diagnostic tablet and did minimal testing.
    • Yea, I haven't finished Flarefox and Minesweeper yet and it's still very much W.I.P. and I haven't been working on it since quite some time. Although I'm probably gonna start enhancing Fuchas UX a bit now
    • UPDATE: I almost got miniOS booting, although it just says "attempt to call a nil value" EDIT: HOLY brick IT BOOTED! I just had to cut the crap out of it, to a frightening degree actually, there's only a few files left, but at last, it booted although edit and a few things are broken, but otherwise? It's cool! and it boots instantly
    • How am I supposed to make the romfs image that you need to flash, I spent some time trying to find through the lua code and inferring from there: Nothing So I need to know, how tf does this work? EDIT: I have observed that using a Lua 5.3 CPU can break some software, which can be fixed with a Lua 5.2 CPU, I tried both in the context EDIT AGAIN: I figured it out: mkromfs <source folder> <filename to save as>
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